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101 in 1001

Start Date: December 2, 2013
End Date: August 29, 2016

Completed in 2013: 1
Completed in 2014: 12
Completed in 2015: 12
Completed so far in 2016:
Total completed: 25

I first heard about 101 in 1001 from Toni at One Chocolate Box. I decided to start one that day. As you may know, at the new year I don’t set “resolutions”. Rather I set “general goals” because I know priorities change and I might not get things done that I think I want to while getting other things done that I didn’t think of at the time, but I thought 1001 days (about 2.74 years) would be a more realistic time span to focus on, so I decided to go for that.

I actually ended up doing a few things on the list before I was done writing it, so I started with December 2nd when I moved my site over to self-hosted (which was one of the things on the list) as my Day 1. I used this calculator to find my end date. I decided to borrow from Toni and post my goals in categories. I was a few short by the time I finished and added goals as I thought of them until I reached 101. I added the last goal on 12/8/14, a little over a year after starting this. I’ve updated this page periodically with my progress and will continue to until I finish or the 1001 days is up, whichever comes first.

Writing (other than Blogging)

1. Finish (such that it could be submitted somewhere) one of my novels in progress
2. Submit said novel for publication
3. Put together and submit a poetry chapbook
4. Do NaNoWriMo again
5. Do a National Blog Month
6. Write at least six new short stories [1 so far]
7. Revise at least three short stories in progress
8. Turn my novella Kingdumb Meiser into an eBook
9. Finish the prequel to Kingdumb Meiser and do the same
10. Make at least 100 new submissions to literary journals
11. Do National Poetry Writing Month again
12. Put together a cookbook

13. Move this blog over to self hosted [Completed 12/2/13]
14. Reach 500 posts on Embracing Adventure
15. Reach 200 posts on Investing in Fitness
16. Catch up on Embracing Adventure to at least the prior month
17. Co-host a blog hop
18. Host my own blog hop [Completed 1/2/15 with Childfree Friday Link Party. I only got one participant, so hopefully I can host one in the future with more participation.]
19. Host a giveaway [Completed 7/17/14 when I did a giveaway for FluentU.]
20. Come up with some kind of a blog challenge
21. Do at least six more guest posts for other blogs [1 so far]
22. Write a blog post in German
23. Translate 5 more German songs and post them [Translated so far 1 Posted so far 0]
24. Update my blog networks and Pinterest pins with the new blog name [Completed sometime in 2015]
25. Participate in another Vlog Hop
26. Do reading of some fiction &/or poetry on video
27. Re-learn editing videos
28. Sign up for Amazon affiliate and add links for items I’ve already talked about on the blog. [I signed up and had added links to a few posts but got removed from the program because I had no purchasers for a certain periods of time]
29. Add Other Writing Page(s) to top of blog [Completed-ish in 2015. Added it to my other website]
30. Do a 30 day blog challenge [Completed 1/10/15  for this blog.In July I completed one for Investing in Fitness as well.]

31. Catch up on posting photos to Facebook
32. Catch up on adding my favorite photos to Flickr
33. Do an online photography class
34. Get a DSLR camera [Completed 12/8/14 thanks to my wonderful husband]
35. Learn to use a DSLR camera [In progress as of 12/8/14]
36. Do Photo a Day again
37. Print some of my favorite photos to use as decoration
38. Get a tripod [I don’t remember the date, but sometime in 2o15 before June I got one, also thanks to my husband]. 
39. Submit 10 photos to literary journals, etc for potential publication as covers

40. Submit 20 RECords (not counting remixes) to HitRECord collaborations [Completed on 1/7/14] (I think I may have made that one a little too easy on myself since 9 of them went to one collaboration, but that’s okay since I also have the goal of ones that require me to create something new.)
41. Do 20 remixes of other people’s words and images [At 13 so far]
42. Do 20 remixes of my text and/or image with someone else’s [At 3 so far]
43. Do 20 re-recommend RECords [At 2 so far]
44. Participate in 20 collaborations that require me to create something new (not counting remixes) [At 8 so far]
45. Start a collaboration [Completed 1/18/14 when I started Six Word RECords: Why We Hit RECord. I also started one on 1/28/14 called The Magnetic Words Writing Challenge ]
46. Do a remix in fused glass (which is contingent on the goal to get back into working with glass).
47. Organize my RECords with albums [Completed 2/4/14]

Other Arts & Crafts
48. Try to learn to knit by following at least 5 tutorial videos
49. Make at least three new toys for my dogs from fabric scraps. [Some progress-made two as of 12/25/14]
50. Get artwork loaded back on DeviantArt
51. Get my Esty shop set back up.
52. Get back to doing stained and/or fused glass
53. Learn Quilling [In progress 12/29/14]
54. Do another painting class [Completed 3/21/15 with a painting of Dresden]
55. Do another craft night.

Other Things to Learn
56. Learn to play at least one song on guitar by memory
57. Put a video on my YouTube of me playing a song
58. Learn to restring my guitar
59. Earn my MA in counseling psych [Completed 5/9/15]
60. Take another Coursera course
61: Reach 1000 hours for my practicum/internship (only required 700). [Completed internship 5/8/15 with 1208 hours]

62. Read at least 100 books and keep track on Goodreads [At 23 as of 12/31/15]
63. Read at least three parallel text German/English books
64. Read at least three more science-related books
65. Write at least 10 reviews for books I’ve read [At 7 as of 10/22/15 Book Thief, Nikola Tesla…, Alice in Wonderland, The Bling Ring, Timeless, The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, Still Alice]

Travel & Exploration

66. Go to at least three of the countries I want to go to [Completed 7/4/15 Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland]
67. Go to at least three of the the cities in Germany I want to go to [Completed 7/11/15 Munich, Rothenburg, Berlin]
68. Go to a barefoot park [Completed 8/17/14. I went to the one in Bad Sobernheim.]

69. Go to the Japanese Garden in Kaiserlsautern [Completed 9/6/14.]
70. Write trip advisor reviews for 10 places I’ve been
71. Add at least 10 entries to TripTease
72. Add map locations to my Places I’ve Been board on Pinterest [Completed on 7/28/14 for the places I had been to and blogged about so far.]
73. Take a discovery/orientation flight [Completed 7-12-14]
74. Go rock climbing (can be in an indoor place)
75. Go canyoning

76. Complete Asylum
77. Complete Les Mills Combat
78. Complete at least one other program
79. Be able to do 50 pushups
80. Run a 5k
81. Have noticeable ab definition
82. Get my BP to 120/80 or lower [Completed 2014…I ended up having to get on meds to do it and I’m not sure if the exact date it dropped below, but the last time I was at the doctor it was under.]

Giving Back
83. Donate unneeded clothes/books
84. Donate to another Kickstarter fund
85. Make a donation to 3 more good causes [Completed 8/21/14-donation for someone’s medical care, a donation to the ALS Foundation, and  a donation to ALS Therapy Development Institute]. 
86. Participate in a volunteer project of some kind [Technically complete beginning June 2015 as I began volunteering as a trip lead although I’m not sure that I should count it since it’s work but in exchange for free travel]
87. Participate in Extra Life

Other Stuff to Do
88. Beat 15 video games [Farcry, Brothers, Bioshock Infinite, At 3 as of sometime in 2015]
89. Try 100 new recipes [At 40 as of 11/16/14]
90. Write a letter to myself to be opened at the end of this challenge
91. Clean out my closets [In progress]
92. Organize the random boxes in the basement [In progress]
93. List any un-needed stuff on eBay and/or the local Yardsale page [In progress]
94. Send a handwritten card/letter to five friends
95. Send a secret to Post Secret
96. Go to a concert
97. Create 5 new iTunes playlists (at least two for working out) [At 1 so far]
98 Get a new comforter [Completed December 2015]
99. Find a tolerable birth control method [Completed 2014 I think…Mirena has its drawbacks, but so far it’s bearable…Update, ended up switching to something else in 2015 so hopefully complete now]
100. Try 5 new German food or drink [As of 12/8 at 3-Schneeballe, Kinder Gluhwein, Schichtsalat]
101. Organize and tidy up  computer and phone files and emails.

6 Thoughts on “101 in 1001

  1. Love that you have so many aspects of your life covered! I have added Amazon links but would like to use them more. I also just posted about eBay, trying to sell some things now and declutter!

    • Thanks. I used to link to Amazon all the time before I even knew about the program. Now it’s just a matter of going back and putting in my own link lol. I have a bunch of stuff waiting for me to add it to eBay and more I need to go through. It’s just super time consuming. I’ll get to it one of these days.

  2. I just read through this whole list (although you mentioned it a while ago as an alternative to New Year’s resolutions), and I really like how varied you can be when you have a large number of goals — big and small, long-term and stuff you could accomplish in an afternoon.

    Is kinder gluhwein a spiced … juice?

    And, what did you sell on Etsy?

    I use Mirena, too!

    • Thanks. I agree it’s nice to have some flexibility.

      Yeah I think it’s spiced grape juice, but I think sometimes they use cider also.

      I haven’t actually sold anything. I had a shop set up with some fused glass but took it down since I hadn’t made more of it. At some point if I get back to doing that, I’ll set it back up. I might also sell quilling at some point.

      It’s better than some of the other stuff I’ve used but thinking about ditching it since I still have some issues with it.

  3. I love how you organized your list!! So many great and creative items listed!

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