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“Start Packing…We’re Moving to Germany”

Start Packing We're Moving to Germany (Photo of the author and her husband on their wedding day photographed by Jessica Robertson)

My husband and me looking at the ocean on our wedding day, before we knew we will soon be crossing it. (Photographed for us by Jessica Robertson)

My husband likes to joke about things, sometimes sort of serious things. So, when he called me on August 9th, two months from the day we had gotten married, about a month after I had moved to Savannah, and told me to start packing because we had to go, I thought it was another of his jokes. He told me to cancel the job interview I had for the following day because we are moving to Germany.

He asked why I didn’t seem to have a reaction. I told him that I didn’t have a reaction because I wasn’t sure if he was kidding. He’s been stationed at Fort Stewart as an army medic for about four years and had recently told me that was likely to be the case for the foreseeable future. This is exactly the kind of thing he would love to joke about. Once he told me more details about the clinic in Heidelberg and where to look up some information we would need, I realized he was serious. Then, I was pretty excited.

I had taken four years of German in high school with no reasonable expectation I’d ever get to put it to use, let alone in Germany. The extent of my experiences traveling outside the USA were limited to going to Canada (the only part of which I really saw was the casino), going on a cruise to the Bahamas (where I saw Royal Caribbean’s sterile Cocoa Cay and parts of Nassau), and going on a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico (where I spent most of the time on and around the beach). While those were fun experiences, they don’t exactly qualify as world travel, and now I am going to get to live with my husband abroad. All of the places we want to see that would take years to save up for and organize trips for will soon be easily accessible.

Of course, it hasn’t been as simple as him coming down on assignment, getting the orders, and being able to go. While things have finally started to come together, it hasn’t been in short order. We had many steps we had to go through, more on his end than mine, before he could get his orders and to make sure I’d be on them and approved for concurrent travel. We completed our steps and waited, anxious for things to be settled.

In the last couple days he has finally gotten his orders, we have been approved for concurrent travel, my passport is ready for pickup, our flight plans are in progress, we have a date for our household goods to be picked up, and we are set to be assigned a house somewhere in Heidelberg. While some things are still up in the air despite that he is set to report in just over 30 days, it’s a relief to have at least that much in order. Since it is, I figured this was as good a time as any to kick off this blog.

While the main focus of the blog will be about living in Germany and our travels abroad, I also plan to post a few entries related to the moving process. I decided to start this blog because so many people have asked me to tell them about the adventures I will have when we move. Whether you’re one of those people or you stumbled upon this blog and would like to be, I hope you’ll join me on my overseas adventures.

Update: If you’re interested in reading about the moving process, you can do so here. We later moved from Heidelberg to Kaiserslautern, and those interested in reading about moving within Germany can do so here. Posts about daily life on post/base can be found here. There are also many posts on exploring Heidelberg and Kaiserslautern. Other locations I’ve visited can be found here.

If you have ever lived abroad, where did you live and why (study abroad, military move, etc)? If you haven’t lived abroad, have you ever wanted to? Why or why not?

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6 Thoughts on ““Start Packing…We’re Moving to Germany”

  1. I sure will join 🙂 I also moved here Czech Republic.. 🙂

  2. Welcome to HD! I hope you like it. This is a great area to be. We also came from HAAF. When I think I have elephants for neighbors I really miss my house is Richmond Hill.

    • Thank you. I really like it so far. We’ve only really been around post and the Aldstadt part of Heidelberg but it’s pretty nice. My husband was actually at Ft. Stewart but our apartment was near the back gate for HAAF. He used to live in Richmond Hill before we got married and moved to Savannah. Small world.

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