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Pre-Move Walkthrough and Packing Before the Professionals

Moving again

Pre-Move Walk Through

On October 19th, we had a pre-move walk through with someone to inventory our household goods. The lady came around noon and wasn’t there more than 15 minutes. She was very friendly and even gave attention to both our dogs. She said that we had 5000 lbs. authorized with them and unaccompanied baggage will come separately for the remainder of what we are allotted.

Since we had 8000 lbs. allotted, this would leave 3000 lbs. for unaccompanied baggage, which we had previously learned about. She took inventory of the television sizes, the dressers, the desk, and some general items that would be going with them. We told her about our wardrobe and boxes in storage which she added to the estimate.

She asked about breakables, and we told her there are some. She said that everything other than furniture has to be in boxes to move. Anything not boxed will be boxed; anything they don’t feel is packed well enough will be repacked. She told me if I’m taking any bath lotion and so forth to put it in plastic bags in case of leakage.

She advised us movers will come one day to pack everything and the next day to take it. Once they put the furniture and boxes into a container, it is sealed and then it gets wrapped in metal banding which my husband must initial for. It will travel in the container and then be put into storage, still in the container. When we get the container, we must make sure the banding isn’t broken which would mean someone tampered with it. She said that’s never happened but she has to tell us.

This was the same day we had been dealing with the possibility we couldn’t take our dogs with us after the preparations we had put in, and I had two hours of sleep.  I was probably looked as haggard as I felt. She told me not to worry about anything. They’ll take good care of us and our stuff.

Packing Before the Professionals

Box town

While the lady had told us not to worry about anything and we had previously been told we didn’t have to do anything before the movers came, I tried to. On October 27th, the night before the movers were to arrive, I cleaned out our trash cans with bleach and packed much of the lotions and soaps into plastic bags. I packed some bathroom things into the trash cans that have lids and the dog stuff into the plastic container we usually keep dog food in. I cleaned the dishes and separated our silverware from our roommates’. I also finished up the laundry and started packing some of our luggage.

While I did this, my husband, who had previously been an advocate of doing as much as we could and in fact packed most of the dozen or so totes we had, decided to play video games. I realized without boxes I couldn’t do much (and they might repack even what I had packed), so I decided to stop for the night. The movers had called to say they would be there between 8am and 9a, which comes early when you’re someone used to going to bed around 3am. It turned out, I ended up not falling asleep until after that even though I had stopped early. Fortunately, it didn’t really matter as other people would be handling most of the packing.

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  2. AAAAND, how did the “big” day go??

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