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Pack It Up…

The packers, an older man and a younger man, came at 7:40 am which was a little earlier than expected. The older man asked me to sort out what was mine from the kitchen for him to start packing while the younger man put together boxes. He also told me that I could take lotions and some body spray from the bathroom if it was bagged. I had started bagging the night before but hadn’t finished, so I worked on doing that as the younger man started packing up the bathroom stuff.

We could not take these type of cans.

We could not take most liquids or anything aerosol including cleaning products, bug sprays, cans of air, spray deodorant, and so on. I wasn’t allowed to take nail polish because it’s flammable. The young man asked the older one if I could take my candles and was told no. This was disappointing as I have a few that are only decoration but I didn’t argue. The company also does not transport light bulbs.

We knew ahead of time we wouldn’t be allowed to take my husband’s handgun, and the older man mentioned when he saw it that it is a lot of paperwork and hassle to do so. I was surprised they let us take most of our food as long as it was still sealed. The only foods we had to leave were sugar, anything that was open, and obviously anything requiring freezing.

The guys both seemed professional and friendly and seemed careful with our stuff. A few hours in, a lady came from transportation to check on the progress. She noted a box that hadn’t been labeled with its contents and advised us about labeling things such as PS3 under high value items in our inventory. She told us unaccompanied baggage will arrive in Germany no later than December 12th and household goods will arrive no later than December 27th.

The packers had said they were packing for both household goods and unaccompanied baggage and just making sure things were separated. It turned out unaccompanied baggage had someone coming separately to pack. The lady told us they hadn’t been able to find the address with their GPS and didn’t have the correct phone number so they would be there later in the day. She instructed the men to label what they had packed so they’d get credit but make sure it was with the correct place. The younger man moved the things we knew were going with the unaccompanied baggage into the bathroom.

I think it actually worked out better that almost everything was packed by the same two people. But it was also convenient unaccompanied baggage was coming later because we could pack our luggage knowing if anything didn’t fit it could go with unaccompanied baggage.  We didn’t end up needing to do that though. Most of what I took fit into my carry-on and I used my suitcase for sheets and miscellaneous things. Tim packed a lot into a duffel bag and carry-on and we still had room.

Army Guys on the Fridge

Be careful with that, soldier.

Despite packing much of our stuff before the packers arrived, we had much more left than we had thought. Even so, it took them less than six hours to inventory everything and pack it up. I helped some with sorting some things out and bagging the allowable liquids, but they did mostly everything. They also went to the storage unit with my husband to make sure everything there was packed up. I was glad they were there because it was stressful enough overseeing let alone if we’d had to pack everything ourselves.

I asked the older man from household goods if he thought we had anything near the 8000 lbs. we had been allotted in the apartment. He said no and that it would be stretching it to think we had the 5000 lbs. allotted to go to household goods. In addition, anything the movers had labeled as pro-gear (military gear, army books, etc) wouldn’t count against the allotment.

They left and we packed up our luggage. The man for unaccompanied baggage came around 4:30 pm. We only had few odds and ends and the miscellaneous stuff mentioned above which we packed up plus the totes we had packed awhile ago. He went through the totes labeling their contents and noting things like our game systems and games under high value inventory and took them downstairs in stacks with a hand truck. Unlike household goods, he didn’t tape the sides of the totes, but he told us that when he gets to the warehouse he’ll use shrink wrap on them.

Unfortunately the airbed we thought would go with unaccompanied baggage had been labeled with household goods’ orange stickers so we weren’t allowed to put it with unaccompanied baggage (which was labeled with green stickers). He took about 25 boxes and totes altogether and our smallest television, and everything else would go with the movers the next day.

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8 Thoughts on “Pack It Up…

  1. Your move sound like a good move. Ours went the same, but they told us the seeds were not allowed and I had to leave behind my vinegar and bleach.

  2. When are you flying? Are you nervous, excited……?

    • We flew out the 9th actually. I was mostly excited. It’s pretty cool here so far. I have a few things to post entries about already but I still have a few left to post from the moving process.

  3. Than I must say, “Welcome to Germany”!!!!:) and wait for your posts:)

  4. WHAAAT? no nailpolish? What did you do with it? I have a lot so I would feel upset if I had to through mine out. You can take them in your suitcase, though, I know that! haha
    The no candels deal does not make sense, they are not that easily inflammable, but it might be better not to argue, I agree.
    Seems like the sticker system can get kinda messy! I really hope you have your stuff before Christmas, my dear!

    • With my luck if I’d put it in my checked baggage it would have broken open. I do wish I’d thought to put my hair pomades in there though. My hair has been looking pretty shabby without it. It’s coming in the unaccompanied baggage though (and I’m sure if I wrote it down to remember I could check the commissary for something similar). I gave the nail polish to a friend (which is what we did with pretty much everything we couldn’t take with us).

      Yeah I don’t know what the deal was with that, and I’m pretty sure the same guy who said no candles packed one himself because I didn’t see it where I’d left it but ah well. The friend who inherited them seems to like them so it’s all good. Yeah I guess it’s like an inventory for them to make sure they get credit and that we have all our boxes when they arrive. I hope so too 🙂 On the upside, we’re getting a temporary bed, chairs, couch and a few other things from a lending closet thing they have on post and they’re letting us wait until it’s in the unit before we move from temporary housing (which is basically a hotel on post).

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