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So Long, Savannah

An Italian boat on The Savannah River, seen from our hotel room.

We started saying so long to Savannah a few days after the day we found out we were moving. Tim and I went out for a date night on River Street to celebrate and stayed at the Hyatt. It started raining almost as soon as we got there which was semi-disappointing. We did have a view of the river where I saw a boat from Italy which may not have happened if we’d left the room right away.

The tasty Chocolate Thunder from Wet Willie’s

We decided to go to the hotel lounge and wait for the rain to lift. When it did, we went to Wet Willie’s where I got my favorite drink I’ve found so far. It called a Chocolate Thunder and is made with cocoa, vanilla ice cream and vodka. It tastes, I kid you not, just like a fudgesicle. We also went to Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub and ran into some of his friends. I took some sunset pictures at the river. Then we went to dinner at the Boar’s Head Grill and Tavern.

So Long, Savannah (Post on exploring Savannah before the move. Photo by author of sunset on the Savannah River)

One of the sunset pictures of The Savannah River.

Afterward we wandered around River Street for a while before heading back to the hotel lounge. We spent a little time on the balcony which had a nice view. Then there were a few hiccups, some in a literal sense. I had hiccups toward the end of the night and the bartender was semi-snotty when I asked for sugar. She told me it wouldn’t work and that I had to try to drink upside down out of a glass. I told her I could barely drink sitting up I wasn’t going to try it upside down. The sugar didn’t really work, but eventually they went away.

The view from the balcony outside the hotel lounge.

After a while, we went up to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night in discomfort. Someone had put a regular rather than fitted sheet on the mattress without tucking it around the edges. During the night, it had gotten twisted up and I’d ended up laying right on the mattress. I wasn’t terribly thrilled. After all, part of a hotel stay is a comfortable and well-made bed, but we decided not to complain to the desk. When we got up, we had a buffet breakfast with a view of the river where boats were passing. Overall, I think our date night was as nice celebration of our upcoming adventures.

The view at breakfast. The boats leaving seemed an appropriate image.

After we moved out of our apartment, I stayed with friends while my husband went back to Texas to see friends and family. He also needed to drop off his car because we could only take mine. When he came back, we decided to try to make the most of our time left in Savannah. I wanted to see a few things from the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and the movie Forrest Gump. Unfortunately due to its early closing time, I missed Bonaventure Cemetery and also didn’t make it to the museum where they’d moved the bench from Forrest Gump. We thought we had found the spot where the bench used to be, but it turned out it was not the correct square. Despite what we missed, we did see some historic places including the following:

You may remember The Mercer Williams House from “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.”  It is the former residence of the late Jim Williams and site where Danny Hansford was fatally shot.

Former home of General Henry Jackson (1885-1898) and Union Army Headquarters (1865). Now the site of the private Oglethorpe Club “the oldest gentleman’s club in Georgia.” Jim Williams is said to have followed his Mercer House Christmas Party with a wild and secret party here.

The Armstrong House was built for George Ferguson Armstrong and his family. After his death, his wife donated it to the city. It was the campus for the Armstrong Junior College (now Armstrong Atlantic Univeristy) for 30 years. Jim Williams bought it and turned it to an antique shop then sold it in 1970 to the to the law firm of Bouhan, Williams & Levy.

The Harper Fowlkes House was purchased by Alida Harper Fowlkes in 1939 and later renovated. When she died in 1985, she left it to the Society of the Cincinnati. Her brother and father were members of the society which is an organization of gentlemen directly descended from George Washington’s officers during the Revolution.

Forsyth Park was the first large park in Savannah. The fountain is at the north entrance and was added in 1858. On St. Patrick’s Day the water is turned green in honor of Savannah’s Irish heritage.

The night before we went to Charleston, we went out for one last Savannah hurrah. We went to the Molly Macpherson’s downtown where I got my favorite of their dishes, the shepherd’s pie. Then we walked to River Street so I could get a Chocolate Thunder from Wet Willie’s. On the way there, we passed the Hyatt we had stayed in during our celebratory date and were almost hit by a valet driver without the headlights on. Go figure. Since this was a safety issue, we reported the incident and then made our way to the bar. I took one last picture of the Savannah River and got one last Chocolate Thunder. As one can do in Savannah, I enjoyed my drink on the walk back to our friends’ house where we were staying. The next day, it was time to load up and go to Charleston where we would drop off my vehicle and take the first leg of our flight to Germany.

My final picture of The Savannah River. So long, Savannah.

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5 Thoughts on “So Long, Savannah

  1. Nice! A lot of chocolate thunders, I see! 😉
    Glad you had some nice days before heading overseas. It is so important to celebrate a decent good-bye, I’ve had bad and good ones, so I know how precious they can be. They will pave the way ahead of you and it seems like yours should be fine to go. You will always remember the last few hours spent in your home city/country!

    • Haha only a couple (but that’s really all you need with those lol). Thanks. I agree. I think it’s nice to have a few good memories and get in your favorite places and so forth before leaving. We were only in Savannah for a few months before moving here, so neither of us were particularly attached (and my husband was ready to go as he’d been stationed a few years in Georgia) but it was still nice to make the most of the time we had.

  2. The chocolate thunder sounds yummy. I love it that it has vodka and must try to replicate it one day. I use Baily, Sekt, Rum. and peach snap but never try vodka….so I must give it a go:)

    Your date night and last day sounds like it was fill with a lot of memories in which you won’t forget. P.S. How can one drink upside down. Isn’t it not safe? Wouldn’t the liquid go up the nose or a person choking on it?

    • It is. One of the awesome things about the drink is that you literally can’t taste the liquor (which is also one of the dangerous things about it if you aren’t keeping good track). Good luck. They are made in those frozen machines and they don’t disclose exactly what vodka they use. Even if you come up with something that tastes good, I still recommend getting one from there if you’re ever in the area, or the southern US in general (they have several locations).

      It was. Haha I don’t know that you’re actually supposed to succeed. I think the point is if you are trying to concentrate on figuring out how to drink upside down you distract yourself and your hiccups go away. But I was already drunk so I wasn’t going to do anything to change me sitting upright.

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