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The Charleston Radisson, Not So Rad

Crossing the river on our way to Charleston.

My husband and I don’t seem to have the best luck with hotels lately. When we stayed at the Hyatt we had shoddy sheets and then later were almost hit by a valet at the same hotel. So I shouldn’t have been surprised that things went wrong when we stayed at the Radisson in Charleston before our flight.

Everything had seemed fine when I made the reservation. I had checked online and saw the lowest rate was about $69 a night. This was lower than the 100 something dollars I was quoted when I called, so I asked what would qualify me for that rate. The lady said it was a summer sale and could give me that price, it just didn’t include breakfast, which was fine with me. I asked about a military rate. She checked and said it was $98 (which did match the government rate online). The summer sale would be for a king bed and included airport shuttle service. It sounded like our best bet.

I advised her we have two dogs. The hotel site said it was pet friendly, but I know some hotels have special rooms sometimes they require booking for people with dogs, so I wanted to make sure that the room she was giving me didn’t have a pet restriction. She told me that there was just a $150 deposit to bring in pets and we would get that back but otherwise it wouldn’t be a problem.

The night we drove up to the hotel we had watched the friends we had stayed with’s toddler preceded by a day of running around finalizing things for the move, so we were pretty tired. The fact our GPS’s shortest route had taken us onto some long roads, some of which were 35 mph instead of the expressway, didn’t help. The route seemed like a tour of Everything You Never Needed to See in SC such as used tire lots, car lots, barn sales, and a lot of nothing.

When we drove up to the hotel, my husband said it didn’t look as good as he thought it would. He took Apollo in first with the bags which was a mistake as, unlike Gir, he’s never stayed in a hotel room. He freaked out as soon as my husband left the room. We took in Gir and I stayed in the room with them while he put the car away. They had put us on the first floor and Gir barked a few times when the security guard walked by. It was also right next to the pool although fortunately it wasn’t in use at the time. And the room had an adjoining door which always makes for more noise when someone else is in the other room.

I also noticed that the room had two queens. I had booked a king. I called my husband to let him know it wasn’t the room we reserved so he could see if we would be able to move rooms, hopefully on a higher floor so the dogs would not freak out so much. I got a call on the hotel phone and thought maybe it was my husband calling from the desk. No, it was the desk clerk.

He started off nice enough saying sorry for bothering me then launched into how he’s already gotten complaints about the dog barking and I need to keep it quiet. I said that they are in a strange room so it is taking a minute to calm them down, and I haven’t been able to settle them in because it’s not even the room I booked. He said okay and hung up completely ignoring the fact I had just told him it wasn’t the correct room.

The upside of the room being incorrect was that Gir got a queen bed all to herself.

When my husband came in, we took the dogs for a quick walk to relieve their bladders as the littlest had already peed in a couple spots. I’m pretty sure this is a “dog” room despite the carpet as he sniffed around at the spots before he peed. We stopped at the desk on the way back and my husband asked what the deal was with getting two queens when I booked a king.

The desk clerk said that I have pets and they have to be on the first floor and they do not have any kings on the first floor. I told him that we should have been made aware of that when we made the reservation. He proceeded to insinuate that I had not told them at the time I made the reservation that I have dogs and in fact they only allow one dog if I had told them.

I told him that I did tell them we had two dogs and had been advised of the deposit required. I had specifically asked when we booked if the king room I was getting was pet friendly. So it’s pretty irritating to show up and be given two queens without notice or explanation. The guy did not seem at all empathic to our situation so my husband just said he understood and we went back to our room with the intent he would just talk to the day manager.

We laid down a bunch of pee pads on the floor because we didn’t want to risk the dogs peeing anywhere they shouldn’t. Fortunately they didn’t, although at least the carpet was yellow so it would be okay if they had. Both dogs slept quietly in the beds with little more fuss, fortunately. Unfortunately, things wouldn’t get better from there.

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4 Thoughts on “The Charleston Radisson, Not So Rad

  1. My mouth drop on your second sentence of almost getting hit by the valet at the hotel you were residing at. Also sorry to hear what happen at your last hotel in the State. I think the women did not hear you right and was thinking just one dog and not two, but your right she should of mention for people with dogs they get two queens and not a King. That happen to John and I a few times that we just push the beds together when we could. They always say that they don’t have the bigger beds.

    I hope things did get better from there….

    • Well it was not while we were staying there but it was one we had stayed at. Thanks. That could be but yeah in either case she should have known what I was going to get when we booked or the guy who changed the room should have apologized and/or explained it ahead of time. The stay did not unfortunately but the move did.

  2. Awful! WHAT JERKS! Screwing up a reservation and then being so arrogant about this fact would have really made me mad. I guess you guys were just too exhausted from your detour around white trash parts of the city to argue much longer. And, yuck, the carpet was YELLOW?? Ugh!

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