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The Charleston Radisson, Not So Rad Part II

The Charleston Radisson had Sleep Number beds, which are supposed to be good. We didn’t know how to adjust them into a comfortable setting and one of the controllers was broken, so we just left them as they were.  Whatever it was set at was not great for me as I woke up sore, but it might have been better if adjusted. We had a room with AC on full blast with no apparent way to change the setting (it appeared there used to be dials under a panel but they were removed) so I also hadn’t been too comfortable for that reason. We later learned the temperature is adjustable at the wall on the other side of the room from the heater. Go figure.

While the dogs managed to quiet down and sleep through the night without peeing on the carpet, Gir ended up going into heat and left a few blood spots on the sheets. I managed to clean them up and put her in her crate. Then I got the task of trying to keep the dogs calm while my husband went out to get food.

Because he planned to text me, I got out the computer to charge my phone with the USB cord only to find that for some reason I only had the part of the power cord that goes into the computer not the part that plugs into the wall. My husband had the same part for his laptop so it wasn’t the worst thing, but it was still annoying. I hadn’t plugged the laptop in when I had used it the night before just so the cord didn’t get left behind and thought I had put it away. Apparently not.

Gir in her crate

While my husband was gone, Apollo wouldn’t stay away from the door and whined when crated so it was a challenge to keep him calm. Gir was good for the most part. Although sulky, she accepted being crated. My husband came back with McDonald’s breakfast. They screwed up what he asked for and gave me a sausage McMuffin but it wasn’t too bad.

After we ate, my husband left to take the car to the port. He had picked up canned chicken and duck meals for the dogs so I got ready to feed them.  There wasn’t a spoon so I took apart the holder to Gir’s bowl to use as a scoop. I managed to cut myself on the can which took a long time to stop bleeding and the desk didn’t have any band aids. The food looked like barf but the dogs liked it. I was also able to slip their heartworm/flea pills into some and feed them so we’d have one less thing to worry about later.

The fact I was bleeding was especially annoying because the dogs got restless being crated once their food was gone and I had gotten a call from my husband about problems with the port. It turned out this is also the only hotel I’ve been in that has no pen and paper to take notes on what we needed. By the time things were sorted out, maids and maintenance were opening and closing doors and it was hard to calm the dogs down. Gir eventually fell asleep and Apollo limited his whining to intervals.

Unfortunately since he was as likely to whine for no reason as for a good one, I didn’t realize right away that he peed in the crate and had pooped until I smelled it and he was smearing it. He had peed on his jacket, so I washed it in the sink, cleaned the crate out, and decided to give him a bath. Since he had been in something which had caused an allergic reaction at our friends’ house, I wanted to give him one anyhow, so this just made sure it was sooner.

That’s when I discovered there was mold on the shower curtain. I wasn’t thrilled with that. I also could not get the shower to switch to where I could use the regular faucet. So I put Apollo in the sink and tried to clean him that way. While he wasn’t happy with it, he at least let me do it without jumping down. I brought Gir out of her cage because she likes to be bathroom guard. Fortunately she behaved.

Because I couldn’t trust the dogs not to keep barking at doors and whatnot and didn’t want them to fight with each other if I took a shower (Gir being in heat had caused Apollo to go after her, obviously annoying her), I had to wait til my husband came back to take mine. One good thing I can say which doesn’t outweigh the bad is that they have kind of a nice soap that has massage nubs on it and neither it nor the shampoo and conditioner smell as bad as hotel toiletries usually do to me.  Unfortunately thanks to the cut on my finger, scratches from Apollo, and a cut I’d managed to get packing the car, it wasn’t the most enjoyable shower, but the massage bar did help my neck and shoulders.

When my husband got back, he talked to the day manager who turned out to also be the person who had taken the reservation. The impression he got was that basically the night guy is the night guy because of his attitude. While she had sympathy about the room being incorrect, at that point there wasn’t anything she could do to move us. While we didn’t necessarily need to move, it did bother me that his attitude and the incorrect reservation were dismissed. On the table they have placards that say if you are not happy with something with your stay they’ll make it right or the room is free. They definitely didn’t make things right (and of course didn’t take anything off the room let alone make it free).

As if things weren’t already disappointing enough, when we got dinner from the restaurant there, they gave us mayonnaise with an expiration of June, five months ago. Ick. I wasn’t planning on using it but that cast doubts about the freshness of the rest of their food. While not everything that made the Radisson stay less than enjoyable was their fault, I was more than ready to leave and not look back, which we fortunately got to do the next day.

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2 Thoughts on “The Charleston Radisson, Not So Rad Part II

  1. HAH, I’m sure you could sue those people if you had the nerves, time, and financial means! What jackasses, indeed! Can’t even keep the promise they have put out on their desk! I hope you wrote a REALLY BAD REVIEW about this place and made sure to mention all of these points in it… Once again, price does not determine quality. sorry you had to go through all of this.

    • Haha nerves, sure, but the time not really, and it wouldn’t be worth it for the price. Well, I didn’t write a review per se (unless you count the blog posts), but they sent me a survey which I filled out detailing what happened. The GM wrote me back apologizing for the situation. Also the day I posted the link to this post on my Twitter, someone from Radisson tweeted asking me to email my reservation information so they are aware of the problems I ran into.

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