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Getting To and Through the Charleston International Airport

We took an airport shuttle from the Charleston Radisson to the Charleston International Airport (CHS). My husband and I and another lady were the only ones on it. We put Gir in her crate in the back with the luggage and Apollo on the seats across from us. Surprisingly they were both calm for the trip, which took about seven minutes.

When we got to the airport we put the dogs and our bags on a luggage cart which my husband loaded despite the fact there was an attendant standing there. The attendant pushed the cart to the Delta check in counter and he and my husband unloaded it. The man asked us to find him when we were done checking and left. I was not sure why we would need to find him until my husband had stepped away from the counter and the man rudely stopped him to ask for a tip.

English: TSA insignia

My husband handled most of the check in and baggage checking while I tried to keep the dogs calm. For checked baggage, Delta allows a 50 lb. bag per person. My husband said the Army was actually allowing us 70 lbs, but when they weighed the bags we had actual met the 50 lb. limit. This surprised me as we had crammed a lot into each bag. Then we checked the dogs. We paid $400 ($200 per dog) and had to fill out some forms about them. They did not even check the health certificates we had gotten for them. We had to move them over to the side so the TSA handler could inspect them. They had already barked a bit during check in. Once we moved them, they really freaked out.

After the dogs have been inspected, they cannot be touched, so we were allowed to take them out for a walk. I had my husband do that while I put food in their dish and arranged their blankets, pee pads, and some toys in to the crates. The TSA inspector put stickers on the crates. She put one with several animals including a dog, which she put a check next, to on top. On the sides she put red arrows pointing up.  When my husband came back with the dogs, the TSA woman inspected them and we put them in the crates. They were not thrilled about that. She said she would check on them again for us before they go on the flight because we were quite early. Apollo was allowed to wear his little vest for warmth but Gir’s was loose and I did not want her to get caught up in it so I took it off.

I decided to try to find a bathroom before we went through security. The first was closed. I tried a family one and it was not locked but when I pushed it open a guy was in there changing his baby. I gave up and waited while my husband stepped outside. Then we were on our way to the security line. We had showed up early in case it was crowded but the line was very short. On the way in there was a sign with a picture of shoes saying to keep your shoes tied because you can leave them on in this line. Then I saw people taking their shoes off. I asked one of the TSA people if we had to remove our shoes, and he said we did. I commented that the sign shouldn’t be there as I took my shoes off and put them in the bin with my jacket and phone.

English: A TSA officer screens a piece of luggage.

I walked through the metal detector and it beeped. I hadn’t expected that because I knew I had no metal on me. The guy told me I had been “randomly selected for additional screening” and needed to stand aside while they search my bags. The guy doing the searching called me over and had me point out what’s mine. He was pretty pleasant. He put the wand all over the suitcase including the handle. I asked if people hide stuff in there and he told me I would be surprised but what he was really looking for is residue from prohibited items. He finished and told me I obviously haven’t handled anything I shouldn’t have and took my bag to the rest of my stuff.

Half of My “Carolina Sunrise” Bagel Sandwich

The only restaurant in our terminal was The Great American Bagel Bakery, so we went there for breakfast. Fortunately it was pretty good. I got a Carolina Sunrise (an Asiago cheese bagel with egg, ham, and provolone cheese). My only complaint was that the egg was the same fake egg patty we used at the hotel I used to work at which I’m not fond of. But it was pretty good despite that. After we finished we still had about three hours to kill before boarding for the first part of our flight which would stop in Atlanta.

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7 Thoughts on “Getting To and Through the Charleston International Airport

  1. That was nice after check in they let you walk your dogs. Urgg I hate selected screening. I am glad you were not running late for another flight as they done their routine check and you and your hubby could relax. It is like every time I am running late I get selected screening. I just have bad luck and feel like it is a lesson to myself to learn to be at the airport early inside of right on time, lol.

  2. Without even having read the post: You know it’s supposedly illegal to take pictures of airport employees, right? lol this being said, I took a bunch at jfk, too.

    • Haha I hadn’t heard that but it wouldn’t surprise me. I didn’t take this pic though. I found it on Zemanta. Lol I only took pics of the planes so I had to find a good pic to fit this. I sort of wonder if my comment that they shouldn’t have a sign telling you to not take off your shoes if you have to take them off was why I was randomly selected so I wasn’t trying to give them another reason to hold me up lol.

      • Agreed! that sign was pretty misleading! And might have been the reason for your selection.
        Also, did you give the attendant a tip he “rudely” asked for? That was quite incredible! lol

        • Haha I know. Silly to have it up if it’s not the case but oh well. It didn’t delay us too much. I didn’t want to give him a tip but my husband said he did anyhow. I know right. I couldn’t believe he had the nerve.

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