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From Charleston, SC to Atlanta, GA to Frankfurt, Germany

A Delta airplane at Charleston Airport

A Delta Airplane

The first flight, which left Charleston International Airport, was fairly empty. We heard a thud toward the back of the plane as it ascended. My husband, Tim, joked that it was probably Gir then pointed out the window and said, “There she goes with her parachute.” I don’t know how the dogs’ flight was, but I hope they didn’t freak out too much. Ours was mostly uneventful, but I was surprised when they actually served beverages and peanuts since it was only a 46 minute flight. Tim and I had two seats to ourselves on the right side of the plane, next to the wing. I was amused that it was the seats right under the medical kit, since Tim is a medic. I got the window seat where I took some pictures.

Medical kit in airplane

The medical kit above the medic’s seat.

Sky view from plane window

View of the sky from my window

Another plane beside ours

We didn’t see Gir with a parachute, but we did see another plane.

View of the land below

The land below


When we landed, we saw the Atlanta skyline in the distance.

We got to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport with about an hour until the next plane would board, so we decided to get food. We ate at Qdoba. I have been to good ones. This one was not. The chicken was burnt yet everything was cold. I ordered three tacos but was only able to eat two before I had to put it down. I decided to get some Caribou Coffee before the flight. I got a hot Turtle Mocha which was good. I finished it before we took off.

Before we boarded our flight to Germany, Tim was called over to the desk and given paper tabs from the dogs’ kennels, which verified our dogs were already on board. The Captain said the flight will be 8 hours and 34 minutes. That’s a long time to sit. There were some pretty views though.

Looking out the window of the plane

A look out the window


clouds viewed from plane


I had originally planned to be productive with the time and work on my novel for National Novel Writing Month or continue working on Schaum’s German Grammar, but they had movie screens on the back of the chairs and complementary movies and headphones. So, of course I took advantage. Unfortunately the headphones fell apart as soon as I opened them. Fortunately my husband had some with him that fit the port, so I used those.

I started watching Unknown. I was pretty skeptical about it, but was interested that the main character arrives in Berlin in the beginning, where much of the movie takes place. I paused the movie for dinner. We had a choice of pasta or chicken. I chose pasta. As you might expect from airplane food, it was about as good as a microwave meal, but at least it was warm. While we ate, Tim shared his headphones with me to watch a comedian he was watching, Louis C.K.

After that, I finished the movie, which was better than I had expected. It was not a good movie to watch with headphones though because sometimes the volume was low and then suddenly too loud, and the airplane volume control required a couple of steps. After the movie, I looked out the window. We were over the ocean and could see the stars, which was nice. Another option on the screens was a real-time map where we could see our progress. With five hours left, I decided there wasn’t much point in trying to sleep.
the map on the back of the seat as we passed London
I played some Berlitz Word Traveler for German, which was a complimentary game also utilizing the screen on the back of the seat ahead of me. I did common phrases most of which I knew and got 10/10. I also did travel. I learned a few new words like Reisepass (passport) and Flughafen (airport) and again scored 10/10. Since I already know the days of the week and the finicky touch screen was driving me crazy, I decided to stop and resume watching movies. I watched Limitless and Soul Surfer.

Occasionally I looked out the window. I like to see the lights over the cities, but unfortunately it’s hard to take good pictures. I also enjoyed watching the sunrise but again it’s a little hard to photograph well. Below you can see some of the in-flight photography, and next time you can read about our arrival in Germany at the Frankfurt Airport.

city lights from the plane

City lights from the sky


the moon from the plane

Looking toward the back of the plane, I could see the moon.

Sunrise from the plane on the way to Germany

Toward the front, the sun was rising.

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6 Thoughts on “From Charleston, SC to Atlanta, GA to Frankfurt, Germany

  1. I guess you do enjoy the flight 😉 How’ s the dog?

    • I enjoy parts of it lol. We actually have two. They’re pretty good. They’re barking A LOT because we have neighbors who insist on slamming doors and stomping up the stairs. I’ve been reading a couple books on training them so hopefully we can get it under control soon. But they seem to have adjusted to the change of place other than that.

  2. 8 and a half hours- about the time it would take you to travel back! 😉 Seems like you had a good flight. Which airline did you take again?

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