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A Sunday Spent Walking To and Through Heidelberg and Seeing Some Sights

Walking in to town. We're almost to the bridge.

The day after our first Heidelberg outing, we walked to the bus stop that had been pointed out to us to find out a bus wouldn’t be by for another hour. We were hungry and didn’t want to wait that long. I figured since the lady who had driven us to town the day before had said it was a 20 minute leisurely bike ride, it couldn’t take us more than an hour to walk. I didn’t track when we got in to town but we had left the bus stop around 11:35 am and I saw a clock as we were walking in town that said 12:45 pm, so my estimate was about right.

The walk to town was about 6 km but it was nice. The air feels much fresher here and the foliage was more colorful although of course I didn’t end up taking pictures of that part. We entered town over a bridge. While crossing it, someone stopped to ask us directions in German, so it seems we must pass for locals on sight, which is nice. She even seemed a little skeptical when my husband told her that he doesn’t speak German. We kept walking and found the Ibis hotel not far away where we could get a taxi back if needed.

The menu from Thanner.

We wandered a bunch of streets. Most of the shops and restaurants were closed, which is about what we expected since it was Sunday. We found the restaurant Thanner on Bergheimer Straße, which was open and had a chalkboard indicating that they have menus in English. When my husband asked the waitress if she speaks English, she told us that we can sit wherever we like and offered the English menus.

I ordered a cappuccino with whipped creme and a grilled feta crepe. I was surprised when I was actually served two crepes since the menu had indicated a single crepe. It was about 8,50 € so it was nice they served two. I could only eat about half the second crepe though, and I left most of whatever vegetable had been on them.

My husband ordered a Heidelberger Dunkel Bier (a dark beer made in Heidelberg). I don’t care for beer but I ran out of cappuccino and the waitress didn’t come back, so I had a few sips to wash down the cheese. Coming from a country where refills and a waitress seeing if you need one are standard, it’s a bit of an adjustment to try to gauge how much I need to drink for a meal. So far most drinks have been about .21L which is only a few sips, but it hasn’t taken long to adapt.

Walking down Hauptstraße on a Sunday afternoon.

Another guy working at the restaurant was the one to clear the plates and started talking a bit to my husband about what brought us to town. My husband told him we just moved here. The guy told him he will like it in Heidelberg because it’s “very calm”. After Thanner, we found our way to Hauptstraße. Most things were closed but there were a lot of people walking. We saw a guy sitting in the street singing “Because I Got High” although he was changing the “got” to “get” for that line. I guess there’s something to be said for truth in pan handling.

Then we stopped at the Heiliggeistkirche (Church of the Holy Spirit) which is at Marktplatz (Market Sqaure). The church was open, so we wandered inside and I took some pictures. There is supposed to be a good view from the top but we decided to wait for another time to experience that. Perhaps when we do it will be a good time to do a post just focusing on the church and its history which is pretty interesting. But for now, are a few pictures:

A view of the pulpit.

One of the stained glass windows.

This is a grave marker  for  Ruprecht III and his lady.

We walked over to the Alte Brücke (Old Bridge) and walked across the Neckar River which was nice. Once we got to the other side, we just turned around and walked back. While on the bridge, I took some pictures on my cell phone. Here are a few:

The Heidelberg Schloss (Castle)

Looking over the Neckar River and some people boating.

The winding path on the hillside goes up to the Philosophenweg (Philosopher's Walk). We saved venturing up it for another day.

We wandered back to Hauptstrasse where I saw a cute penguin sign in an Apotheke (pharmacy). We also wandered around the city including to a random park where there were some benches to sit on and a fountain. Some of the water blew toward the benches in the wind, but it wasn’t too cold.

A rough translation. The left penguin: "This year the winter comes later!" The right "Prevent instead of catch a cold!"

The fountain in a park we stopped at.

Finally, about four hours after we set out, we decided to go back. We didn’t see a bus stop that would have a bus going to the stop we needed, so we took a cab from the Ibis hotel we had seen earlier. It only saved about 2 € off going right from Bismarckplatz, which was about 3 km over. All in all, we had a really nice Sunday out in Heidelberg and got a lot of exercise.

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4 Thoughts on “A Sunday Spent Walking To and Through Heidelberg and Seeing Some Sights

  1. This is great to read about. I like your way of describing the day. I felt like I was the one visiting Heidelberg. My favorites are your husband drinking dark beer (as I love German beer) and the pan handler singing that song by Afroman. I guess “getting high” music is a universal language!!!

    It seems like you guys are in for a great adventure there and I hope to hear more about it as the days go by. Thanks for sharing and continue enjoying life.

    • Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂 I still haven’t found a beer I like but a lot of ppl love the beer here. Haha I guess so although it was a little strange to hear someone singing in English when everyone around was speaking German. Yep hopefully we are. I’ll continue to blog about it. You’re welcome. Will do 🙂

  2. Seems like a sunny and peaceful day in Heidelberg. I never tried the food at Thanner but it seems to be a very good selection for that price. yes, the soft drinks are smaller in Europe, but then the beer you get is usually better and served in a larger glass. Maybe that makes up for the lack?

    • Yep. It was a nice day. Yes especially for some of the prices here, it was not bad. Haha yes the beer is bigger but I don’t really drink beer 🙁 On the upside, I’ve been pacing pretty well with the drinks. In fact I was surprised the other day when we went to a Thai restaurant and my “medium” dish had my mouth on fire yet I didn’t need a second drink (of course I think the rice helped lol).

      PS I see you have a new post up as well. We’re getting ready for bed but I’ll plan to stop by tomorrow to read it 🙂

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