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Getting Permanent Housing in Patrick Henry Village

Many people had told us not to accept the first place we were offered if we didn’t like it. Some places here are shabby, or lack things like a washer and dryer. Some have a separate room with an American washer and dryer while others have the smaller, stackable German washer and dryer. They recommended to make sure we get the best. We had found out that we were getting paid Temporary Living Allowance (TLA) of about $140 a day while in temporary lodging, but if we turned down a valid housing offer we’d only receive TLA up until the point the original unit would have been available. While we could still stay in temporary housing up to sixty days, it wouldn’t make sense to turn the offer down unless there was something majorly wrong.

A view of our apartment from the living room toward the kitchen and dining area.

As it turned out, we got lucky. On November 17th my husband got to check out the unit on his own and was pleasantly surprised. Most people had said to hope for Mark Twain Village, but this one in Patrick Henry Village was newly renovated and seemed to have everything we needed since Patrick Henry Village is where the commissary, veterinarian, dentist, Village Grill, Burger King, the shoppette, the library and the Java Cafe are located. It’s further from the PX and town, but once we would have our car it wouldn’t be a big deal to drive over to that side when needed.

Because I hadn’t been able to see the apartment, my husband explained the room sizes based on comparing and contrasting with the dimensions of the room in temporary lodging. From his description, it seemed like it would be a good size. It was a two bedroom apartment slightly smaller than we shared with roommates in Savannah, Georgia (but all to ourselves). There was a full sized fridge which I hadn’t expected due to having talking to a friend in Germany who has a small one. We had a stacked washer and dryer in the kitchen and access to American and European outlets throughout the apartment. It sounded good but it would be a few days before we could move in.

On November 21st I got to go over to see the new place. I was happy to find we had a spacious living room with a dining nook. The kitchen was bigger than the one I had in Florida with plenty of cabinets, drawers, etc. One feature I really like is that the cupboards closest to the dining nook are accessible both from the kitchen and dining area. The bedrooms were nice sized and each one had a full wall length wardrobe. (The master bedroom’s is along a long wall, and the other bedroom’s is along a shorter one). Because I had heard a lot of places in Germany don’t have closets I didn’t realize we’d have so much storage. Overall, I was very impressed and happy that we would already be able to move in the following day.

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8 Thoughts on “Getting Permanent Housing in Patrick Henry Village

  1. Love the floor also the dinning nooks. Who ever made those was thinking. You don’t always have to run n circles to grab plates or cups when guess come to visit. Congrats on finding a home to move in right away.

    • Thanks. The floor is actually crappier than it looks. It’s called parquet, and if any kind of liquid gets on it (even water) and isn’t immediately cleaned up, it seeps in and messes it up permanently. I do like the dining nook cupboards and not having to walk into the kitchen to get dishes. I store my cookbooks, table clothes, and special servingware on the shelves. Thanks glad we were able to 🙂

      • Have you invest in a mop bucket yet with the squeezer to squeeze out water and an additional dusting mop to dry off the floor afterward? It helps a great deal.

        • We have the mop with the squeezer but I didn’t think of getting a dust mop to help dry the floor. Just been going back over it to get the extra water and squeezing it out. May have to try that. Thanks 🙂

  2. I’m glad that you like your house! I can assure you that the floors are worse than you think. I’m sure we will be paying a lot for them when we leave. 🙂

    • Thanks. Haha I know. I was so excited when I first saw them til the guy started telling us how you can’t leave anything including water on them and can only clean them with ‘parquet floor safe solution’ or water and white vinegar. I’d never heard of such a thing. We have two dogs so sweeping and mopping still beats vacuuming and steam cleaning but I don’t look forward to it if we have to pay for those floors either.

  3. sounds like a good decision. If you guys have a car, then PHV should not be a problem at all. And if a cab from the Altstadt to PHV costs so less, than you guys can even go out once in a while without bothering about driving. It’s def better than to live outside of Heidelberg, like some fellow Army people do.

    • Yep we have the one car. It’s been working out so far although it’s a little hard to coordinate if I need to get to the other side for stuff while my husband’s working. Yeah it’s not too bad for the cab if we decided to do that. I agree. I know some people that live in the surrounding areas and they have a bit of a drive to get anywhere.

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