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On Post Housing Inspection and Recieving Our Temporary Furniture

View from the kitchen nook back to the living room before the furniture arrived.

We left the hotel in morning and brought the dogs with us to the new place so we could wait for a guy to come for the move-in inspection and for movers to bring the temporary furniture. We waited for about an hour after the guy was supposed to come for our inspection for him to actually show up. When he did he was very nice and helpful.

In addition to noting most of the existing damages to the place (which were pretty minor overall but still nothing we want to get stuck paying for) he showed us how to work the windows. They are quite large and have a handle and keyhole (which has to have the key in it to work) and can either open all the way out or be tilted for ventilation. He also explained about the hard water in the dishwasher and needing to use “special salt” at least once a month. (We later found out if you use the German product Somat 10 you don’t need the special salt and it works a lot better than salt and American dishwasher detergent).

He also taught us about the apartment’s parquet floors. At first I’d been excited because I thought the hard floor would be easier with dogs than carpet. Then he told us how you can pretty much only wash the parquet with white vinegar and water and if anything gets on them (like a puddle of water from leaving a window open in the rain) it will start to warp the floor within a few minutes. I still like it better than carpet because I can sweep and mop instead of vacuum and steam clean, but I’d prefer to be able to use normal cleaners. He also showed us the storage unit in the basement which is a nice size. It turned out later he was actually showing us the one next to ours but they’re about the same except that our window and lock aren’t missing as we had originally thought upon seeing the wrong one.

Living room with the temporary furniture.

Dining area with temporary furniture

When the temporary furniture guys arrived later that day, they were fast. They brought furniture according to a sheet my husband had filled out previously with what we needed. We got two bedside tables, two end tables, two arm chairs, a couch, a kitchen table with four chairs, and a double bed. There were no pillows or sheets. We knew this ahead of time and had brought sheets but hadn’t been able to pack blankets or pillows. Rather than having to buy extra blankets someone let us borrow some until our household goods would arrive. We put some sheets and shirts into pillow cases to make “pillows” for the night and my husband bought some the next day.

The washer and dryer inside a kitchen cabinet.

Later that day, I tried to figure out the washer, dryer, and dishwasher. There are English instructions for the latter two–in fact there are three different books just for the dryer–but there are no instructions for the washer. I guessed that the cup furthest to the left was for detergent because that’s where the water ran first. and found I was correct from later looking up the symbols online .

The washer was moldy and smelled bad. I put bleach it and ran the white cycle (hottest setting) to clean it and one more rinse cycle in case any bleach remained. It got most of the mold out and, most importantly, the smell. The washer and dryer are smaller than the American counterparts but they still wash a fair amount of clothes. They just have a longer cycle than I’m used to (and hour or two or longer depending on the setting), and the same goes for the dryer.

Throughout the day, I put our luggage away in the closets. It seemed empty, but of course we still had all of our unaccompanied baggage and household goods on the way. We assumed we would have plenty of space between the closets and basement. We also have attic storage though we don’t expect to have to use it (and so far haven’t). As I put stuff away I also saw some other damages and noted those even though they weren’t too bad. We don’t know how picky the move-out inspector will be so it’s better to note it and have it be trivial than not note it and be charged. Overall the place was in pretty good shape, especially compared to some places I’ve heard about here and we have a lot of space, so we’re pretty happy. I don’t think we could have found anything out on the economy this nice for what we’d have been allotted to spend so I’m glad we were able to get set up here.

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4 Thoughts on “On Post Housing Inspection and Recieving Our Temporary Furniture

  1. The washer should have a cycle called “short wash” (kurzwaesche) which will only wash for 30mins. I never use the one and a half hour one, it’s simply too long! 🙂

    • There is a Rapid Wash which is about 40 minutes. I’ve used it a few times for smaller loads and stuff I need sooner but my dog has a tendency to pee at least one of the things going in the wash so I like to give it the extra time to make sure it’s coming out lol. It takes forever but I’m home all day. When I get a job I’ll probably do the rapid wash more lol.

  2. First I would like to say from the other post before this one is that you looked lovely on your wedding day.

    Hi Amanda, to keep future mold issue away is after wash to keep the door open so that the washer air out. I also do it also with the dryer. After a day or so then I close the door. I never had molding but I take the same steps as we do with opening the windows before taking a shower and leave it open a few hours later. As we do to rotate rooms and open windows. I heard many people complain about molding issues so far knock on wood that we are very anal and never had it.

    For the washer and dryer they come in all different sizes here as in America. One day when you have time if not already go to the electronic store and you will see variation in sizing and function.

    • Thank you 🙂

      I have been keeping it open. It still gets musty and I have to clean it out but hasn’t molded again at least. It was totally sealed up and the closet closed when we moved in so who knows how long it sat there wet before we got here. I wouldn’t be able to leave windows open here. Too cold and one of our main heaters is broken. We have mold that I didn’t see right away because it’s under the window sill and between the heater. I am going to try bleach to get rid of it but if it comes back may have to see what maintenance can do because I’m sure it can’t be good especially close to the heater.

      Oh yeah I know they do. I guess I should have clarified when they have the larger ones they tend to be the American ones (rather than the stackable we also have there) and the smaller stackable ones they put in are usually German.

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