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Back to the the Adventures with Getting Our Unaccompanied Baggage

Sorry I’ve been hiding

I think this is the longest I’ve gone without posting since I started keeping this blog. I went so long that Laura even called me out on her blog. My apologies, readers. While there were a few other reasons in play like being busy and sometimes lazy, one of the main issues was that the USB drive that had all of my pictures from 2011 plus a lot of other important stuff crashed for no apparent reason the same weekend I planned to back it all up. I was crushed, naturally. Someone here may be able to recover the data for 30 euro but I haven’t tried yet. I do still have a lot of the original versions of the pictures on my old phone, but it took awhile to get myself to where I felt like going through them all again to find and fix up what I want to use in the blog.

So anyhow, here I am, to pick up where I left off with getting our unaccompanied baggage. We had originally been told our unaccompanied baggage could take up til December 12th to arrive, but we found out around November 29th it would be arriving December 1st. My husband told me they could come any time between 9am and 5pm and I had to be home or he would have to pay for storage and the redelivery. I was glad this was happening December 1st because I ended up spending most of November 30th finishing up my NaNoWriMo novel draft (also on the crashed USB drive *tear*), and the plan for December 1st was to relax for most of it and maybe read someone else’s work.

The sunrise from the bedroom window.

I had trouble sleeping the night before and was not thrilled I might have to be up early, but I did wake up for about the third time around 7:30am to a really pretty sky. I decided I may as well get up and stay up. Instead of reading, I ended up cleaning up the apartment. The moving guys came around 10am to unload their truck. Our stuff came in wooden crates they had to pry open. I wanted to take a picture as they opened them but didn’t want to weird them out. They unloaded everything into the living room and I moved the stuff into other rooms as appropriate.

Some of the unaccompanied baggage in the living room.

I made sure the televisions and PS3 turned on and made that everything listed as high value was there. I was disappointed to see the guy who took our unaccompanied baggage had lied. He did NOT wrap the plastic totes in plastic wrap at the warehouse as he had claimed he would. They weren’t sealed at all and several were cracked. I should have sealed them with tape when I thought of it. Fortunately it looked like everything else was okay so I signed their sheet verifying everything was there. I noticed on it that the weight for the unaccompanied baggage was about 800 lbs, well over what we thought we had but well below the allotment.

After they left, I unpacked some stuff and left the rest for a bit later. It was nice to finally have a lot of our own things, although I wish we had watched a little better what the movers were labeling such that we would have had more cooking utensils and so forth with the unaccompanied baggage. Most of it was in with household goods which wouldn’t come until the 20th of December.

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4 Thoughts on “Back to the the Adventures with Getting Our Unaccompanied Baggage

  1. Your USB drive crashed? how did that happen? Sorry to hear, I hope you get it fixed soon!
    Also sorry about the broken house goods, what a disappointment indeed. But o well, hopefully they were items you could spare? Seems like you have some catching up to do, you’re more than two months behind… 😉

    • I have no idea. It was working fine all day the day it happened. I put my camera in a different slot and after I took it out it suddenly started saying the computer didn’t recognize the drive. I thought it was talking about the camera at first (which has no issue as I uploaded again from it last night) but it was the USB. I hope so too. Hopefully I can get it done before I run out of the pics I did still have originals of on my phone 🙂 It was actually just the totes which was annoying but not a big deal. I don’t think anything was broken in it. We did have some broken goods in the main shipment but that’s a story for another post which yes I am a couple months behind on lol. I need to catch up so I can write about our recent adventures beyond Heidelberg. 😉

  2. J. Goss on March 6, 2013 at 7:59 am said:

    Hey, I saw that your Unaccompanied Baggage was overweight…I’m going through the same thing now. My allowance was 600# and they are saying it weighs 870#, then in the same email they said I could be financially responsible for the extra weight. Did the Govt ever charge you guys for the extra part?

    • Ours was over what we thought we had but we were allotted much more than we took. We were allowed something like 8k overall with no more than 3k to unaccompanied baggage.

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