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The Philosophenweg (Philosophers’ Way)

If you look in the distance (click to enlarge pic), the winding path leads up to the Philosophenweg (Philosopher’s’Way).

A couple days after our field trip, we decided to walk up to the Philosophenweg, which we’d previously only seen at a distance. The Philosophenweg is located along the side of the Heiligenberg (Holy Mountain) on the northern side of the Neckar river. Some say it is so-named because philosophers and university professors walked along the pathway.

On our walk around Heidelberg I noticed another way to get up to the Philosophenweg through the neighborhoods but the way we took and which I would recommend is the path across from the Alte Brücke (Old Bridge). When you cross the bridge and go across the street, there is a sign that points to the direction the path can be found.

A couple people resting and the view.


The trail to get up there is very steep and a bit of a trek. I was out of shape at the time and realized it as I was walking up and having some trouble while my husband was having none at all. We did not stop to sit down on the way up, but there are several spots where one can rest or take in a quick view.

Once we reached the top, there was a great view across the city. Unfortunately, I only had my Droid X at the time and didn’t realize that I had the wrong setting on, so the pictures did not turn out as well as I would have liked. I now have a real camera which takes much better pictures so I will probably go up again sometime. Also it would be nice to check out the ruins of the Monastery of St. Michael, the Monastery of St. Stephen, the Nazi-era amphitheater, and the remains of the Celtic hill fort which are all further up the mountain. In the mean time, here are some of the views. Click on any of the pictures to enlarge them:

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8 Thoughts on “The Philosophenweg (Philosophers’ Way)

  1. I still think the pictures are quite lovely, especially the view on the city.

    As to the path: I think a tourist guide once told me it is unhealthy to walk it up without taking a break, as your body has to adjust a bit (especially if you are not used to walking). Anyhow, I walked it once before, thought it was ok. Not sure I would do it again, though.

    How is Spring in Germany? Are you planning further travels??

    • Thanks.

      Yeah it is definitely a trek if you’re not used to it. We stopped a couple times standing up, but I didn’t sit down, although I understand why people would. I just figured if I sat I wouldn’t want to get back up.

      So far, it’s been nice a few days but there has been a lot of rain. We’re planning on going to Darmstadt to check out the fossil ruins soon. We have a loose idea of the general direction we want to go so we can hit a lot of the areas that we can do day trips for but not other set plans yet.

  2. PS: Glad you started blogging again, you were gone for some time…

    • Thanks. Yeah, I knew it was awhile but I didn’t even realize it had been that long til I got on to add the next post. I have a lot of drafts and outlines just hadn’t found the time to clean them up and post. Unfortunately now I’ve hit the point where I’m close to entries that go with pictures on my crashed USB, so I either need to space them out and get it fixed soon or use generic pics and change them when I have a chance. Since it’s hard to get over there when the guy is open I am leaning toward the latter, much as I hate having to do that when I know I have my own pics to use.

  3. The hike look so worth it and the view is beautiful! Have you visit the student prison as yet? That is so on my list to do, but I am curious if it is worth it.

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