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Waiting for Household Goods & the First Snow of the Season

Our household goods were scheduled to come on December 20th, just in time to be inundated with boxes for Christmas. That day, I’d woken up around 5 am, and snow was steadily falling. This was the first real snow of the season. (I don’t count the day before because it was a light dusting and may even have been frost). While I grew up in Ohio and probably wouldn’t complain if I never saw snow again (heck I lived in FL for three years and never missed it), my husband is a native Texan and had only ever seen snow in pictures. So, it was kind of a nice event for him.

Looking out at the snow from one of the windows in our dining area.

I decided to get out of bed and finish some paperwork to apply to jobs (I might write more about that whole process later). As I watched the snow fall, I was glad we wouldn’t be the ones unloading the truck and carrying things in. While a friend had given me a scarf I’d already been wearing daily, I had neglected to buy boots and my only pair of gloves had a hole in them, so I was not prepared to be out in the elements.

After my husband went to work, I went back to sleep for a bit. I got up when my dogs kept barking. Our neighbors already stomp a lot, and they did so harder today, I assume from the snow. This did not make my dogs happy.

A man came by a little while later around 11 am and let me know that the movers would be there after noon. He told me to make sure they unpack everything that is supposed to be unpacked and that they put together the bed and any other furniture that needs to be. He gave me a card to call if there were any problems.

When he mentioned putting the bed together, I realized there wouldn’t be room with the temporary bed. I could not move the frame myself and there wouldn’t have been room for it anyhow, so I took down the mattress (if the thing can even be called that; it’s so thin and uncomfortable) and put it in the spare bedroom. I got ready and waited for the movers to arrive with our stuff.

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2 Thoughts on “Waiting for Household Goods & the First Snow of the Season

  1. Wow, I remember five months ago… We did not have snow here! Nonetheless it was a cold christmas.

    I am curious to hear more about the job application process (def write a post on that) and also if the movers ever showed up as planned?!

    • The snow only lasted about a day lol. It snowed once or twice more but that was it. I will at some point. They did. I’ll probably post about it tonight or tomorrow.

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