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Some Favorite German Products

One of the cool things about living in Germany is the chance to try different products I may not have been exposed to otherwise. I can even get many of the German items I like in the commissary on post. I had planned to post about this a little later, but since a few people got to my blog the other day searching “Heidelberg commissary German products” I figured now would be as good a time as any to share my favorite German products so far:


Elinas Joghurt nach Griechischer Art (Elinas Greek-style Yogurt): This is an awesome yogurt which we can get at the commissary. While they have other flavors, my favorite is the Brombeere (Blackberry). I eat at least a few of these a week and haven’t gotten sick of them. I will probably miss them when we go back to the States. At $1.84 a four-pack, it’s a little pricey per tiny cup, but it’s so good. Regular yogurt just doesn’t stack up to this.


Deutsch-See Pepper Salmon Plaits: These seasoned salmon, also sold at the commissary, are precooked and ready to eat as is. While I think they might be good cold with a salad or something, I prefer to heat them up in a pan while cooking whole grain pasta and peas or black beans. I serve it all together with crumbled feta. I usually make this once a week. At about $5 for two salmon and about $4 for the rest of the ingredients (which can usually be used for at least another couple servings), the meal comes out to be only a few dollars per serving.

Coca Cola: While this is an American product,  the reason I like it is that the 2 liters in the commissary are made in Germany. The 12/24 packs are brought from America and I won’t get those. What’s the difference? The German product is made with sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. I probably won’t drink Coke once we’re back in America unless it’s from Mexico (which also makes theirs with sugar). Of course since soda isn’t that awesome for you even with sugar, that will probably be for the best.

Click photo to see Haribo Goldbären on Amazon.com.

Haribo Goldbären (Gold Bears): These are the best gummy bears I’ve ever had. And they’re only $.67 a bag in the commissary. They are made with real fruit and taste so much better than the gummy bears one might find in the States. (Fun fact the gummy bear actually originated in Germany with Hans Riegal and his company, Haribo). If you’ve tried Haribo Gold Bears in America, they are not made the same, so I recommend trying the German ones if you get a chance.

Somat 10: The dish detergent tabs we use in the dishwasher. These are really good at getting everything clean without having to use salt or Jet Dry. I have seen Somat 3 and Somat 7 at different commissaries and Somat 5 at Amazon.com. We get Somat 10 at Kaufland. They’re about 10 euro, but we don’t run the dishwasher daily, so a box of 44 lasts a long time.

Click photo to see different varieties of Perwoll available on Amazon.com.

Perwoll: This is the laundry detergent we use and it’s about $9 in the commissary for 1.5 liters.  This one is for brilliant colors, but Perwoll makes different varieties. While there are other German brands at the commissary, this was the only one that wasn’t powder or in a bag (liquid in a bag just seems like a spill waiting to happen). It works much better with the water here than the American brands we tried beforehand, so we’ll probably keep using it while we’re here. The Wella Pro Series next to it is a shampoo I got at the Kaufland in Germany. Oddly enough the bottle said it was distributed out of France, but apparently Wella is a German company. At only 3 euro for a two pack I think it was a good deal. Some versions of Wella shampoo are available on Amazon.com.

Do you have any favorite German products? Let me know in the comments. You can also check out more of my favorite German products here.

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22 Thoughts on “Some Favorite German Products

  1. OMG gummy bears are like so my favorite! My hubby mom use to mail me off a box every year to me. Now that I am here, I help myself to a pack ever few weeks 😀 Have you went to the gummy bear store as yet? They have tons of choices and not only gummy bear but the brand of assortment too! Somat is nice. That’s the one I use all the time too.

    • Are you talking about the one in Bonn? We haven’t gone yet but might when we’re up in Cologne. We did go into one on Hauptstrasse today though that had a gummy bear pizza and beer glass filled with beer-colored gummy bears. I am not sure if they were also beer flavored. I haven’t tried any of the other Haribo ones besides Happy Cherries which I don’t like that much. My husband loves them though. Yep Somat is pretty good.

      • Hi Amanda, I am not for sure where they all are located. But for sure they are like everywhere. I have one close by to me in Stuttgart. Child you had me foaming to the mouth each time you said gummy bear. I felt like Homer Simpson when he think doughnuts, lol, no joking.

  2. Your blog is great! I just discovered it and it’s so much fun to read because I am a German who lives in America.
    I did not know that German Coca Cola is made with sugar and American isn’t. Wow.

    • Thanks! I actually just saw yours before you posted and was going to comment but I have to get into a different browser. (I usually use Firefox and I’m finding Blogger doesn’t like to send my comments through on it). I saw you live in Ohio. I am originally from there. Yep. Most American colas are made with HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) which is pretty terrible for you. If you like sodas made with sugar instead look for the ones that come from Mexico.

      • Haha it is funny that you saw my blog before I posted. 🙂 It is so much fun to read yours and I can’t wait to read more!
        I am using Google Chrome which works fine.
        Really, I have never seen that before. It is good to know. I have noticed that it tastes different though but I did not know why. I have to see if Dr. Pepper has sugar or HFCS in it. I usually eat and drink very healthy but sometimes I just can’t resist a pop. So thanks for the tipp!
        Yeah, I live in Ohio! It is so cool that you are from there! 🙂

        • Thanks. Glad you enjoy it. I haven’t used Google chrome but may have to look into it. Yeah if you see any Mexican grocery stores I would check there. Dr. Pepper does have HFCS in it. Nice to see someone call it a pop! My husband makes fun of me for using the word lol. 🙂

  3. Hmm, I should really try to find some Mexican pop. I do think that “pop” sounds a little weird. But my husband uses the word all the time so I got used to it. 🙂

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  5. Thanks for finally writing about >Some Favorite German
    Products | Overseas Adventures <Loved it!

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