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Never Have I Ever Part 1

I found this list on Katrin’s blog Land of Candy Canes. Like her, I couldn’t resist doing it, so I thought I’d post it. I’m calling it Never Have I Ever because it reminds me of the game of the same name where you say something you’ve never done and see who has or hasn’t. The difference is that here, I’m not going to take drinks for what I’ve done, but I’ll cross it off and tell you about it. I’ll tell you about it if I haven’t too, if there’s something to say or I’ve done something similar. The list has 99 things on it, so I’m breaking it into two posts (which are still on the long side, but I don’t want to do more than two posts on it). Here we go:

1. Started your own blog  – Obviously. This one was started in October of 2011.

2. Slept under the stars – I have slept outside many times…I think always in a tent though, but I remember being able to see the stars, so I’m going to count it.

3. Played in a band -Technically…in a HS band. I played clarinet in both concert and marching band.

4. Visited Hawaii – I haven’t, but I’d like to some day.

5. Watched a meteor shower – Whenever there is supposed to have been a meteor shower it was always cloudy, so I’ve never seen one.

6. Given more than you can afford to charity -I have given to charities at times that were kind of tight, but since I managed to make it work I don’t think it was unaffordable (and if it would have been truly unaffordable I don’t think I would have managed to give it; you can’t give what you don’t have).

7. Been to Disneyland  – I haven’t. And somehow I managed to live in FL three years and never get to Disneyworld. I did get to Downtown Disney a few times though.

Some of the things you can find at Downtown Disney

8. Climbed a mountain – I’ve hiked up a mountainside before including going up to the Philosophenweg (which I actually just did again yesterday), but I’ve never climbed one.

One of the views from yesterday’s walk on the Philosophenweg.

9. Held a praying mantis –  I’ve seen one but I don’t recall holding it.

10. Sang a solo -I had to sing in grade school recitals, but I don’t remember ever having a solo. Probably for the best because I don’t think I’m very good.

11. Bungee jumped – Nope

12. Visited Paris- Not yet. But I plan to while we’re over here.

13. Watched a lightening storm  -On many occasions. I love lightning storms, as long as I’m inside for them, or close to it. I took this from the doorstep of my old condo in Florida. (The video does not look like the preview box).

14. Taught yourself an art from scratch  – I think it depends on how you define art. I’ve taught myself how to play the organ/keyboard which is a musical art, so if that counts, yes.

Abandoned Organ

This looks pretty close to my organ. Sadly this is also probably what will happen to it as my family doesn’t want it and it would be ridiculously expensive for me to get it.

15. Adopted a child – Nope.

16. Had food poisoning  – Unfortunately yes. The worst case was when I was in 8th grade and we were on our trip to Washington D.C. We had a dinner cruise where everyone who ate the chicken ended up sick. They tried to say it was the flu and not food poisoning, but it was too close to when we ate, only the people who had it were sick, and they left the container to the medicine they gave me in the room which said not to administer for flu symptoms. I ended up missing a good deal of the sights due to it.

18. Grown your own vegetables.- I haven’t, but I would like to at least grow my own green peppers and onions.

19. Seen the Mona Lisa in France-No, but maybe I will someday.

20. Slept on an overnight train – I’ve still never been on an overnight train much less slept in one.

21. Had a pillow fight – I’m sure I’ve had a few.

22. Hitch hiked – I’ve never deliberately hitch hiked. But while waiting for a taxi we did get offered a ride by a lady, which we accepted after she insisted and started making room in the car.

The view near where we were waiting.

23. Taken a sick day when you’re not ill- It depends on what one defines as “ill”. Personally I like places that call them “personal days” instead because that covers whatever you need them for without having to go through worry if you’re really “sick enough” to call it a “sick day”.

24. Built a snow fort – I have, but not since I was a kid.

25. Held a lamb- Nope.

26. Gone skinny dipping – In the ocean at Ft. Lauderdale beach.

I took this from a bar across the street. I took the plunge a little further down. I wasn’t trying to end up in any tourist pictures.

27. Run a Marathon – Nope. I used to run cross country in Jr. High. The most I ran was usually 6 to 8 miles in practice. Our races were only about 3 miles. I pretty much hate running, so I don’t see myself ever doing a marathon. I won’t say never though. If you want to follow along with someone who is more likely to run one, check out Slowly But Surely. Katie recently ran a half marathon and is about to run in another one as part of a relay team (6.55 miles for her portion) in a few weeks.

28. Ridden in a gondola in Venice- No, but I plan to.

29. Seen a total eclipse– When I was in grade school there was a solar eclipse I remember watching from the playground.

30. Watched a sunrise or sunset – Several. More sunsets than sunrises though. I’m not much of a morning person. My favorite sunrise was the one in the airplane on the way to Germany. It would be hard to pick a favorite sunset, but I happen to have a picture from one on a plane ride on the way back to FL, so here are both.

The sunrise from the plane to Germany.

Sunset from a plane back to FL.

31. Hit a home run – I used to play softball. I remember crossing home plate, but I don’t remember if it was ever because I hit a home run.

32. Been on a cruise – I have been on one to Nassau and Coco Cay in the Bahamas and one to Cozumel in Mexico.

This is the beach on Coco Cay with the cruise ship docked in the distance.

Most of the pics actually in Cozumel were group pics and I don’t feel like asking everyone if it’s okay to show them in the blog, so here’s on on the deck of the ship.

33. Seen Niagara Falls in person – Nope but I wouldn’t mind doing so someday.

34. Visited the birthplace of your ancestors – Well, some of my ancestors are from Germany, and I live here now, but I don’t know the actual city or cities to visit. I know some are from Monopoli and Cisternino, Italy, and hopefully I will be able to see those places while we live here.

35. Seen an Amish community – Yep. There is an Amish Country in Ohio I went to a few times as a kid.

36. Taught yourself a new language – I have taught myself some Japanese and some Spanish, and I’m currently teaching myself German. But since I’m not fluent in any of them, I don’t feel I should cross that off. Maybe someday.

37. Had enough money to be truly satisfied -Nope. Hopefully some day.

38. Seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa in person- Not yet.

39. Gone rock climbing – Only on a rock climbing wall, not actual rock climbing.

Rock Climbing

This is sort of like the wall I was on.

40. Seen Michelangelo’s David -Nope.

41. Sung karaoke-Only once that I remember, and I was terrible.

42. Seen Old Faithful geyser erupt – Nope. I haven’t been to Old Faithful.

43. Bought a stranger a meal at a restaurant – Not that I recall.

44. Visited Africa – Nope.

45. Walked on a beach by moonlight . Yep. I used to do that a lot, mostly at Cocoa Beach. It’s a little hard to take pictures at night but here are some, all from Cocoa Beach.

The beach after the sunset

The pier at night

Walking under the moon.

46. Been transported in an ambulance – Somehow I’ve managed never to have to do that.

47. Had your portrait painted – Not that I recall.

48. Gone deep sea fishing – Nope.

49. Seen the Sistine Chapel in person – No, but I’d like to.

Well, if you’ve reached the end, thanks for reading. If you fill this out, let me know so I can come see your answers. Hope you’ll join me next time for Never Have I Ever Part 2.

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6 Thoughts on “Never Have I Ever Part 1

  1. It was so much fun to read yours! Thanks for the post!
    It is so cool that you have an organ! And funny that you lived in Florida and never been to Disneyland! 🙂

    • Thanks. Haha well I don’t have it now. It’s at my parents. But I used to. Lol I know I don’t know how I managed that. I used to have a pass to Universal Studios though and went there a bunch of times.

      • I can’t play but I would like to have an organ just because it looks so cool!
        I would like to visit Universal Studios someday!

        • They are cool, but they take up a bit of space. I wouldn’t mind having it still but I can’t get it over to Germany, and if my parents still have it by the time we move from here it would still be a lot to try to get it from OH to TX. I taught myself to play it using some song books and this cardboard thing that went on the top of the keys to label what notes they went to. After awhile I didn’t need to look at my fingers anymore. I’m sure if I tried to play it these days I’d have to start all over. Universal is fun. They’ve even added some new stuff since I was there last.

  2. Thank you for using one of my pic on your blog
    Well …. I have done : 7, 9, 13, 16, 19, 20, 23, 29, 30, 32, 33, 38, 40, 42, 45 and 49

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