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Theme Change to Chateau and New Pages

View from the Philosophenweg

The Theme
When I first started Overseas Adventures, I’d picked Black Letterhead for the theme. I figured I would probably change it at some point, but I was pretty fond of the black background with orange accents. I liked the font and overall feel, so it wasn’t a pressing issue. But I didn’t like that it didn’t work well with having a header image. Recently I posted on the Philosopher’s Way and decided I would change soon because I wanted to use the view from it as the image. Not long after, I participated in the Military Spouse Appreciation Day Blog Hop and it gave me the push to finally put the new design in place, partially to look nicer for people arriving, but also because they requested having a button in the sidebar. I realized mine was only visible on the main page, not when you went in to individual posts.

I had used the theme Chateau for Investing in Fitness before I moved it to my own site and decided to use it for this one. It had the header image option, a sidebar on all pages, and an overall design I liked. I was especially delighted to learn I could add more than one header image so it will pick a random one on each page. In addition to the view from the Philosopher’s Way, I added one of the castle viewed from the Old Bridge and the view standing on the Old Bridge, looking to the left over the River Neckar. I plan to add others soon.

Another thing I liked was like I could make the accent color the same orange as my previous theme. The only thing I don’t like is that the grey for a couple different areas like category description and under the subscribe area are hard to read and don’t appear to be able to be changed. Overall, I’m pretty happy with Chateau, and I think I’ll leave it on this theme for awhile if not for good.


Or at least as much of it as possible

The Pages
I also made some changes and additions to Pages. I made the About pages into a drop down and added a Get in Touch page for people who prefer a contact form to leaving a comment. I also added a drop down for Wanderlust Wishlists where I so far have ones for Germany and Elsewhere in Europe.

The point of these is to keep track of ideas for where we might like to go while we’re here (and have easy access to the city or tourism site for each to remind me and show you some of what’s there). I have everything I’ve thought of so far and will update them as I think of places. Finally, I created one for Where I’ve Wandered with where I’ve been in Germany. When I post about places, I’ll also link to them there. I’m behind on the posts, but that will give an easy place for people who just want to see travels (and in the mean time a place to see what’s coming up). Hopefully it won’t be long before I can add Where I’ve Wandered Elsewhere in Europe.

I’ve been keeping Pinterest boards along these same lines for awhile, but Jessica Lynn’s pages “Our Travels” and “Wanderlust” on her blog Jessica Lynn Writes gave me the push to put my lists on my blog. Thanks, Jessica Lynn! I’m always open to new ideas where I should go, so if you have a favorite (or a few) you think I should consider, let me know. I know I’m not likely to get to all, or even most of them before we go back to the States, but it’s nice to have ideas in mind. And hopefully I have a long life ahead to explore the rest.

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2 Thoughts on “Theme Change to Chateau and New Pages

  1. I saw your new lists and find them great! Also, what is pinterest about? I am not sure I want to open up a new account, I don’t really see the sense in it… Enlighten me! 😉

    • Thanks 🙂 Pinterest is basically a virtual pinboard where you can post a bunch of things you like. I have a bunch of boards for things like places I’ve been and want to go, food I want to try or have tried, inspirational quotes and so on. I wasn’t sure I’d like it at first but now it’s one of my favorite social media sites, but it can be a time sucker lol.

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