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Interview for the Military Monday Duty Station Feature on Handling With Grace

Handling With Grace hosts Military Monday, a duty station feature that allows military families to meet fellow military spouses and learn about duty stations across the world. Today my answers to questions about Heidelberg were posted where I shared my favorite restaurant here, my favorite things to do in the area, the biggest drawback to this duty station, the overall feel of the community, and more. If you’re interested in other duty stations, the Military Duty Station Review has previously featured posts on Japan, California, Texas, Hawaii and elsewhere. If you would like to be included in the feature, email HandlingWithGrace {at} gmail.com.

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2 Thoughts on “Interview for the Military Monday Duty Station Feature on Handling With Grace

  1. Hey Amanda, I am sure you anticipated this but it would be an honor for me to challenge you for the Game!


    I’ve been burning to know so many things about your life (why did you move from Ohio to Florida and so on) but decided to narrow it down to one question for the start.

    How did you meet your husband and how did you experience your initial relationship to a person in the armed forces?

    Of course this is on a purely voluntary basis, feel free to pass. Would be nice if you did do it, though!

    • Technically that’s two questions 😉 I will write a post for the answers, but it may take me a few days to get around to it and run it by my husband to make sure he’s okay with me sharing (I imagine he will be, but anything that’s personal involving him I like to let him have a say before it goes up).

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