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The Game: How I Met My Husband & Experienced My Initial Relationship to a Person in the Armed Forces

Laura at German-American Abroad has started a new blog challenge called The Game to gain insight into other bloggers’ worlds. She says that she’s been burning to know many things about my life, but decided to narrow it down to the following to start:

How did you meet your husband and how did you experience your initial relationship to a person in the armed forces?

One of the first pictures I saw of Tim, taken while he was in Iraq.

I met my husband online when he sent me a random friend request on Facebook. It’s hit or miss whether I’ll add someone if I don’t think I know them or people they know, but I happened to add him. He sent me an email not long afterward saying he hoped I didn’t find it weird for him to add me out of the blue and that he’d seen my profile picture and wanted to get to know me. He introduced himself and told me he was a medic in the army stationed in Ft. Stewart, Georgia but from Dallas, Texas, and he asked what I was into.

In my reply, I answered his question that I’m fairly boring. I mostly read, watch movies, and go to the beach, and sometimes I write, play video games, bother to socialize, and go to concerts. For some reason, this apparently interested him enough to start texting me (he’d gotten my number off my Facebook info). I wasn’t planning to like him and let him know pretty early in the conversation that I wasn’t looking for anything and not to expect anything. To his credit, he was pretty laid back and not pushy about it.

A picture I took of Tim on Cocoa Beach

We texted back and forth for a few days and talked on the phone a few times before he came down to Florida to meet me. One of the things we did on his visit was to go to a spot I like on Cocoa Beach and walk. He was already trying to call me his girlfriend at this point, but I didn’t let him until a few days later. Obviously we hit it off more than I planned on, and the rest is history.

As far as how I experienced my initial relationship to someone in the armed forces, when I first started talking to Tim, he had recently gotten back from a year in Iraq and was planning to get out of the army in a couple of months, so I didn’t think too much about the military being an influence. Not long after we met, he debated whether he should stick to his plan to get out and go back to Texas or re-enlist and wanted to know what I thought.

When Tim visited me, I still had to work, and vice versa. This was taken one day when he came to take me to lunch.

I discussed both options with him, but told him he should make the decision based on himself and not on me. If he went either way thinking it was what I wanted or would be best for our relationship and turned out to regret the decision, I didn’t want him to resent me for it. He ended up deciding to stay in.

The military didn’t have much of an impact while we were dating. At one point, he was gone for a few weeks with only about a day’s notice ahead of time, but it wasn’t too bad as he had his phone with him and we were able to communicate pretty regularly. Other than that, between our schedules, we were able to spend quite a bit of time together either with him coming to Florida or me going to Georgia.

Around when we got married, there was talk of deployment being a possibility. While I still hadn’t found a job in Georgia, I agreed to move a few weeks after we got married. I was a little worried I was going leave everything I’d gotten comfortable with over the last three years Florida only to end up alone in Georgia a few months later, but I wanted to make sure that we got as much time together as possible in case the rumors turned out to be true.

A picture of Tim and me taken by his friend Rita when we visited Texas not long after I moved.

They did turn out to be, but not for us. Around the same time many people he knew got orders to Afghanistan, he got orders to Germany. And the rest of what the military’s had influence in you’ve been able to read about here (or will when I catch up).

I hope you’ve enjoyed this round of The Game. If there’s something you want to know, feel free to post a question as a challenge. While I reserve the right to decline to write a post in response, I most likely will.

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21 Thoughts on “The Game: How I Met My Husband & Experienced My Initial Relationship to a Person in the Armed Forces

  1. So how long was it before you guys got married after you met???
    Love your story!

  2. I love togetherness photo, you both make a cute couple. Okay my question is from reading old post and now this one. You mention he got station to Germany after marriage. Therefore, you both are freshly married than right?:) (don’t pay attention to my usage of fresh, lol, I say that a lot when something is not so long ago like for example my friend is 3 month pregnant. I tell her oh it is fresh. She and my other friends get it, lol).

    Tim is a smart guy. He took you on the beach as you mention that you like going and the same for your wedding. He is totally a keeper. He pays attention well and I love internet love connection.

    • Thanks. It depends on what you consider freshly married, but in the scheme of things yeah. We just celebrated our first anniversary on the 9th.

      Yeah he does. In his opinion the beach is “just where the ocean meets sand” so any time we have gone is just because I wanted to.

      • Oh okay, I think I am misunderstanding. I was thinking after you both was marriage than a month or so he was sent off here to Germany. But I am thinking this is the first time you both have been to Germany, that you both came here if memory serve me right about 6 months back. Only reason I can remember that because I am thinking you went to a Christmas market here.

  3. So much fun to read your story, Amanda! Thank you for sharing! It’s so cool that you got married after four month of dating! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Thanks for the breakdown:) I was starting to question myself if I was mixing up your information with another bloggers. (wiping sweat of embarrment from my head:)))

  5. Wow, what a great post! Never thought you had married so suddenly, even more reason to find your guys’ lives interesting! Way to go, right? Also thank you for your personal e-mail, I have yet to come around and answer you, even though it might be a bit redundant right now. The game has been well played by you and I am happy to see that so many more of your blogger friends have been commenting on the personal insight you offered into your life.

    I’ve rarely met a date over the Internet but I find it interesting to see how fast everything developed with you guys. What an interesting story and I can’t wait to read more (of what is to come in Deutschland). ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks. No problem. Glad you approved of the way I played since it is your game lol. I’m glad it seems to have generally gone over well as well. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ I am not sure if I’ll get a post up tonight or not, but the next one will actually be from this year lol

  6. Very Interesting story Amanda. I met my husband over the internet too, Chatted for two months, then he visited me after that, got engaged and got married after four months of being engaged. ๐Ÿ˜€

    We almost have different game here, but yours are more difficult. As I watched the movies, having husband in the army is something risky, and complicated; buy yet, you did so well. Thumbs up for that. ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. I love a good love story!! I met my husband online as well, but like you, it was a completely random thing! Curious where you are…we’re moving to Graf in three weeks and it would be nice to “know” someone ahead of time!!!

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