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Photo a Day: June 15th-22nd

The next eight Photo a Day prompts for June were yellow, out and about, in your bag, something we don’t know about you, imperfect, fave photo you’ve ever taken, where you slept, and from a high angle.

15. Yellow

I forgot about this prompt until I was home for the night. At that point, about the only yellow thing I could think of was cough drops. Blah. So, here’s a picture taken on May 28th of some flowers on the Philosophenweg.

16. Out and About

We usually take Apollo for walks on post. The 16th we took him on his first walk out in Heidelberg, which I’m sure I’ll post more on later. Whether walking (which he did most of the time) or being carried by Tim (as he was in this picture), he smiled almost the whole time.

17. In Your Bag

I usually only carry this purse to work and a small one if any when we go out. Currently in this one: Coach sunglasses my husband got me for our anniversary, my military dependent ID, debit cards (the picture on the SCU one is of the Old Bridge in Heidelberg), dollars, quarters, and euro, cough drops and tissues, extra name tag stickers for work, a pen and paper, a key for our apartment, trash bags for dog walks, Softlips chap-stick, a hair tie and brush, and a psychology book by Erich Fromm called Escape From Freedom. I had my cell phone out and forgot to put it in the pic. If you’re dying to see it, it’s in Never Have I Ever Part 2, but it’s nothing exciting.

18. Something We Don’t Know About You

It was hard to think of something my blog readers wouldn’t already know since I have mentioned almost everything I would normally use for such a question at least once. My husband suggested I use that I used to play World of Warcraft. He brought it up because he wants me to start playing again…we’ll see. I did happen to have a picture I took of myself in April 2010 that would work though. I was already planning to use it for a different post in the future, so excuse the duplication if you see it again.

19. Imperfect

I could’ve taken a picture of my red shirt that got black paint on it at work on the 19th if I’d thought of it earlier, but I put it in the wash hoping it would come out (it did). Since Fat Mum Slim mentioned broken glass in her prompt suggestions, I decided to use a picture from August 2011 of my shot glass one of our former roommates put through the garbage disposal.

20. Fave Photo You’ve Taken

It would be hard to pick just one favorite as I have several I really like (most of which I’ve already posted at some point). Here is one I like that I took near sunset on Cocoa Beach in August of 2008.

21. Where You Slept

I was up sick all night the 20th so I didn’t really sleep, but I laid on this couch a lot and slept part of the next day on it. My dogs spent part of the time with me, so I guess it’s apt one of their toys and something else they chewed up ended up in the picture.

22. From a High Angle

I forgot to take a picture from a high angle on the 22nd, so here is one from the 16th when we took Apollo on a walk.

I hope you enjoyed this Photo a Day set and will join me next time for the final set which will include: movement, on your mind, something cute, where you shop, bathroom, on the shelf, soft, and a friend.

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12 Thoughts on “Photo a Day: June 15th-22nd

  1. I really like this idea. Maybe I will join you next months. It’s really interesting.
    I think it is really cool that you play(ed) World of Warcraft. Some of my friends play it too and sometimes they spend weekends without any sleep.
    I liked the “In your purse” pic! So much fun to see what’s in other people’s purses! 🙂 And your dog is so adorable!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Cool. I’m not sure if I’ll do it next month but I probably will. lol thanks. I played it occasionally but when I did it tended to be for hours at a time. It’s easy to do, which is part of why I’m not sure I’ll get back into it. I still have a lot of other games to I should be playing through. Glad you liked the purse pic. I guess it isn’t often we do see what’s inside them. Thank you. He is, but he can be a monster lol. Have a great weekend also.

  2. That beach photo is really beautiful.

  3. Apollo is a cuty! I had to smile when I seen one key from the “what’s in your bag” photo. I am so use to seeing bundles of keys on one ring, lol. Loving your favorite photo. You have a great eye. Had to smile that your husband is trying to get you inot playing games again….mines is too and told me yesterday honey I think we should buy an xbox. I am trying to talk him out of it because the last one we bought we hardly used.

    • Thanks. I know right. I don’t drive over here yet, so that’s the only key I need lol. Thank you. 🙂 Yeah we both have a ton of games we either haven’t played or finished, so I think we should play through the games we have before we start playing one again that requires a monthly subscription (which I don’t play it enough to justify anyhow).

  4. P.S. will check out your vlog blog tomorrow so that I can put on the sound. Hubby misplace my headphone.

    • Ok. 🙂 My husband misplaced mine also. I used to have a few pair and now I can never find one when I need it. I think I’m going to buy a new pair soon and designate them as for my ears only.

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