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Photo a Day: June 23rd-30th

The photo prompts for the last eight days of the June Photo a Day challenge were: movement, on your mind, something cute, where you shop, bathroom, on the shelf, soft, and a friend.

23. Movement

Apollo chewing on a toy

24. On Your Mind

I spent most of the 24th cleaning, so that was on my mind most of the day. This is a picture of one of the rooms I cleaned. (Yes we still have bed sheets up in place of curtains).

25. Something Cute

I didn’t take pictures on the 25th, but here’s a picture I took of Gir on the 17th. She’s pretty cute most of the time, but she rarely sits still for me to take a good picture of her anymore, so Tim was helping.

26. Where You Shop

The only place we went the 26th was the shoppette and I didn’t take my camera, so here’s a picture taken November 19th of Galeria Kaufhof which we’ve shopped in a couple times. The red booth in front of it is part of the Christmas Market.

27. Bathroom

I took pictures of our bathroom before we moved in and really didn’t feel like taking another one, so here’s one I took of our bathtub November 22, 2011.

28. On the Shelf

I forgot to take something for this prompt and am too lazy to do one now, so here is a picture of Gir from March 3rd where you can see some of what’s on my bookshelves.

29. Soft

This is a Scentsy burner my mom gave me which gives off a soft light. The scent I’m burning is also named after something soft: Satin Sheets.

30. A Friend

Go figure it would be Photo a Day that would make me admit that my only real friend here is my husband. I have generally been able to make friends wherever I go, but here I have so far only made acquaintances. While I took some pictures of him June 30th, I like this one from July 1st better. This was at Legoland Deutschland where we went over the weekend with friends of his. I’ll eventually post about that adventure.

That’s it for the Photo a Day Challenge for June. I haven’t decided if I’ll participate in July, but I probably will. If you’re interested in participating, you can find the prompts for July here.

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  1. I can’t get enough of your dogs! They are adorable!!!

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