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Photo a Day: July 1st-7th

The first seven prompts for Fat Mum Slim’s July Photo a Day Challenge were self portrait, busy, best part of your day, fun, on the floor, chair, and garden.

1. Self Portrait

I didn’t take a self portrait on July 1st, so here’s one I took May 5th 2011

2. Busy

I was so busy on the 2nd, that I didn’t take a picture, but to leave it blank sort of feels like cheating so here’s my “Extreme Couponing Overseas Army Wife Edition” picture I took while I was busy sorting coupons February 3rd.

3. Best Part of Your Day

I’d probably say the best part of my day on the 3rd was when I got off work because my husband was there waiting for me and I didn’t have to clock back in until Thursday, but I didn’t take my camera. So, here’s a picture from when I got to turn the alarms on my phone off, which was another pretty awesome part of the day. Unfortunately my husband woke me up an hour earlier than those alarms would have gone off anyhow.

4. Fun

The only pictures of fun I took on the 4th were of the fireworks at Patrick Henry Village. Here’s one of my favorites.

5. On the Floor

It was good timing that the prompt was “On the Floor” for the 5th since my husband bought Duff Beer (yes like beer from The Simpsons) which is brewed in Eschwege, Germany. I wanted to get a picture and the floor was just as good a place as any to put it.

6. Chair

I’ve already shown pics that have the chairs in our house in them, so here’s a picture I took July 1st during the Chinese National Circus’s Lego Ninjago show at Legoland Deutschland. This woman is balanced on a chair that is at the top of many other chairs which you can’t see, but you can tell how high up she is from the speakers and trees.

7. Garden

I don’t have a garden and I already recently posted pictures of the only flowers I have in the post Photo a Day June 8th-14th, so here are some flowers from the Philosophenweg.

I hope you enjoyed this photo set. Next week you’ll see photos for the prompts: lunch, big, your favourite color, letter, texture, open, and building.

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9 Thoughts on “Photo a Day: July 1st-7th

  1. I love your self portrait, Amanda!!
    And the couponing picture is cool. I have never watched that show but it seems like you can save a lot of money with coupons. I just have no idea where people get all these coupons!
    How does the Duff beer taste? I have never tried that.

    • Thanks. I have never watched the show either lol. Back home, I got most of my coupons from the Sunday paper. There are also many websites where you can print off coupons but not all stores will take those since they’re easy to forge. Most of these coupons came from my father’s expired coupons because we can use them 6 mos past the expiration date at the commissary. I didn’t really care for it, but I have never found a beer I like and only a couple that I can tolerate so I’m not really the best person to say lol.

  2. Those are nice prompts. I just don’t have the time for it this month. Oh well! You’re posting 4 times a month, I assume? Once every week?

    • Yeah it can be a little time consuming. I probably won’t do it once I start grad classes but we’ll see. Yes I plan on doing it weekly and probably doing 8/9 the last two weeks to avoid having one post with only 3 in it.

  3. Hello Amanda,
    I finally saw the link about Photo a day challenge. it seems so interesting, so I’ll probably join also, but maybe I’ll start next month.. 🙂
    Anyway, your portrait looks so nice.

  4. I love Duff Beer! I don’t know if it is the taste or that it is connected to the Simpson or what. When guest come over we have varieties and Duff Beer is one for conversation starter and laughter. In your other post you said that your husband is your only friend here. I can relate and think it is a good thing. My husband too is my only true best friend here.

    • Haha I thought you might since you mentioned the Simpsons when I brought up Haribo gummy bears. I don’t really care for it but I don’t really care for any beer. It would make a good conversation starter though. I don’t think it’s a bad thing for a husband to be one’s only true best friend, but it is nice to have some other friends. But it’s pretty easy for me to entertain myself so it doesn’t usually bother me.

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