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Photo a Day: July 8th-14th

The next seven prompts for Photo a Day July were lunch, big, your favorite colour, letter, texture, open, and building. I planned to take a picture for the first prompt, forgot, and then had to settle for taking one of dinner. The rest of the week, I didn’t remember to check the list, but somehow I still managed to take pictures that fit the prompts on their days for three of the days. Even more surprising, one of the days I didn’t take a picture, my husband took one that ended up fitting the prompt and allowed me to share.

8. Lunch

The morning of the 8th, I planned to take a picture of the leftover enchilada from the night before that I was going to eat for lunch. But, once the enchilada was in front of me, I forgot. So, here is a picture of the chicken Alfredo pasta I had for dinner.

9. Big

I didn’t take a picture of anything big on the 9th, so here’s a picture from July 1st of the big Einstein head at Legoland Deutschland.

10. Your Favorite Colour

I didn’t take a picture of my favorite color on the 10th, but I like red in many different shades, so here’s a picture from May 13th of Apollo laying on my maroon pillow, hogging two dog toys.

11. Letter

I didn’t take a picture of a letter on the 11th, but my husband happened to take this picture of a note he’d written me and Apollo, so I figured I’d share it instead of finding a past picture of mine that would fit.

12. Texture

I hadn’t checked the prompt for the 12th until today, but when I checked the pictures I’d taken that day, this one of my enchiladas, rice, and beans at Chimichanga does show some of the textures of the food.

13. Open

I didn’t take a picture of anything “open” on the 13th, but I think this picture I took on the 14th of a Bierbike in Mannheim would qualify.

14. Building

I happened to take this on the 14th without having looked at the prompt. It’s debatable if this qualifies as a “building” since it’s basically a frame with plastic sheets instead of walls, but it does hold Hakim’s Imbiss und Steakhaus, so it’s close enough.

I hope you enjoyed this round of Photo a Day July photos. I hope you’ll come back next time to check out pictures for the prompts: finger, sign, your addiction, plate, animal/insect/pet, eyes, 9 o’clock, and upside down.

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10 Thoughts on “Photo a Day: July 8th-14th

  1. Haha, the bierbike looks funny! I have seen a thing like that before, but without the beer.
    And I love dog pictures. 🙂

    • lol yeah I was amused by it enough to take a picture, which my husband kind of made fun of, then he said he kind of wants to ride it sometime. It looks like too much effort for me (plus I don’t like beer). Thanks 🙂

      • When I was a kid we always rented a bike like that at the North Sea. We had no beer though. You have to take a picture when your husband rides that bike, okay? 🙂

        • Cool. I would rather ride one that doesn’t have the beer, honestly, because I don’t really like beer. If he does, I will, but I don’t know that he actually will lol.

  2. I love the bierbike! Never seen those around but seems like it could end up pretty drunkenly…

    What was it your husband needed you to explain? The book?

    • This was the first one I’ve seen one there. I imagine you would end up pretty drunk because on top of drinking, you’re peddling which is supposed to increase how fast you get drunk.

      Yeah, it’s a book he ordered for a game he plays called Warhammer 40k that he wants me to get into. I paint the models with him sometimes, but I don’t have the attention span to really get into the game.

  3. I am amused to no end by your ‘letter’ photo, Amanda! Props to you if you really read the entire book so you can explain it to him. 🙂

  4. The Bierbike is excellent – do it! You don’t have to have beer as they also offer soft drinks. I did it in Berlin on a stag do with a group of 15. It was hard work, especially when having to pedal from a standing start, but well worth it.

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