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Photo a Day: July 15th-22nd

The next eight prompts for Photo a Day July were finger, sign, your addiction, plate, animal/insect/pet, eyes, 9 o’clock, and upside down. Although I did take pictures specifically for a few of the prompts, most of them were taken on the 21st rather than on their assigned days.

15. Finger

I had scrapes on my fingers I didn’t want to photograph on the 15th, so here’s a picture I took of my wedding and engagement rings in the sun on June 10th of 2011.

16. Sign


I didn’t take a photo on the 16th of a sign, so here’s one I took on May 19th of a sign in a parking lot in Mannheim. “Hunde bitte anleinen” means please leash dogs. I think it’s obvious the sign below it means that your dog can’t poop there (the pole is in an area of grass and weeds), but sometimes such signs say “bitte keine tretminen” (please no mines).

17. Your Addiction

I have several shelves of “to read” books and several boxes of books in our basement storage. So, I think it’s safe to call books my “addiction.” I took this picture on the 21st of some of the books I’ve acquired this year through half.com and the book exchange at the library. I have a few more not pictured, and several more on the way. Out of this stack, I’m in progress on three: Junky, Escape From Freedom, and A Perfect Mess.

18. Plate

I didn’t take a picture of a plate for the 18th, but I took this one on the 21st of one of a few hand-painted plates I have that belonged to my paternal grandmother.

19. Animal/Insect/Pet

I didn’t take a picture on the 19th, but I took this one on the 21st. Apollo looks like he’s sticking his tongue out at me.

20. Eyes

I took this on the 17th of Gir eyeing my husband’s plate as he looked at her and Apollo looked at me.

21. 9 ‘o clock

At 9 ‘o clock on the 21st, I was in the theater on post watching The Avengers. But this was taken during the 9 ‘o clock hour (along with most of the other photos for this week).

22. Upside Down

I decided since I was already taking pictures on the 21st to go ahead and do the one for the 22nd also. I took this hanging upside down off the side of the bed of Apollo coming out of the bathroom when I called to him.

I hope you enjoyed this set of Photo a Day pictures for July. The last group of photo prompts is: mirror, stranger, heart, sunshine, on the road, cup, last thing you bought, calm, and toothbrush, although I may decide to skip that last prompt.

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7 Thoughts on “Photo a Day: July 15th-22nd

  1. The second sign with the dog means: “Please no mines to step on.” And it refers to your dog pooping in the middle of the sidewalk. It’s a humorous approach to saying please don’t let your dog poop here so that other people won’t step into it!

    I love those handpainted plates. Can’t believe you brought them with you overseas, weren’t you phobic that they would shatter into a thousand pieces on their way to Germany?

    I saw the Avengers a few months back. I really liked the movie even though it started a bit abrupt.

    • Yeah I figured it was referring to people who let their dogs poop for others to step on (although humorously Google translate will literally translate it as “Please do not use anti-personnel mines”). I guess adding the ‘to step on’ in the meaning makes more sense why it wasn’t on this particular sign (since this was in the weeds where it’s unlikely others would be walking but likely someone would let their dog poop).

      Thanks. They’re Blue Ridge by Southern Potteries. I didn’t have much choice but to bring everything I had with me lol. I wrapped the plates and some ice cream dishes of hers up as well as I could and hoped for the best. I am actually more paranoid about the ice cream dishes. In Georgia I put them up toward the back of a top shelf and about had a heart attack when I found out one of our roommates (who broke the shot glass I posted a picture of awhile back) had used them for ketchup and cat food. I’ve managed to break a couple glasses and a dish since we’ve been here, so I haven’t even gotten her stuff down to use it.

      I liked the Avengers for the most part. We were going to see it when it first came out, but tickets were kind of pricey to see it in English in Mannheim and it took them til now to play it on post.

  2. Oh, I love your dogs so much! 🙂
    And like you, I have so many books and I can’t stop buying new ones. I am addicted too!

    • Thanks. lol glad it’s not just me. I think the movers were annoyed how many boxes of books I have. Little do they know that I didn’t even bring them all as there are still quite a few that I left at my parents back when I had moved to FL.

  3. Beautiful ring and french tips. Apollo photo of him sticking out his tongue gave me a good laugh.

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