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Getting the Dogs Registered on Post and Getting Apollo Neutered

R2D2 Dog Hump, Fitzroy, Melbourne

If Gir were R2D2, Apollo would be that dog

When we got the dogs’ international health certificates, we also had a tumor checked on Apollo and were told to have it taken off for testing if it didn’t go down on its own. By the time we’d been in Germany about ten days, it hadn’t changed. Apollo was also constantly chasing Gir, trying to get after her. We had been lax about getting him fixed because he couldn’t really reach and she didn’t accept him at any rate, but he was starting to get ridiculous. When I was woken up after a couple hours sleep to him going after her again, I vowed we’d get him in to get neutered before I ended up castrating him myself as soon as possible.

We also had to get him and Gir registered on post at the veterinarian. It turned out that the records we had gotten hadn’t even been checked for the flight to Germany or when we picked the dogs up in Frankfurt. We did need the shot and microchip records to get the dogs registered on post though, so at least the initial veterinarian wasn’t a total waste of time despite having screwed up the process (and charging us more than we would have paid if we’d known there was a veterinarian on post at Ft. Stewart first).


We went to get the dogs registered on November 22nd, we also wanted to see if we could get Apollo neutered and get a biopsy on the tumor. They took the registrations but said they only do surgeries on a schedule and we’d have to call back December 15th. I understand needing to schedule a neuter, but considering my dog’s tumor had gone from bad to worse, I was a little irritated it would take a month to even make an appointment let alone have it removed.

When December 15th rolled around, I called three times during the vet’s office hours and never got an answer. I decided to try the next day, after we talked to USAA. I told the lady who answered that I need to make an appointment to get my dog neutered. Apollo had managed to chew off most of the tumor, but I still wanted that checked out and possibly removed as well. She told me the neuter shouldn’t be a problem but she couldn’t guarantee anything about the tumor because the Captain would have to look at it and tell us whether they could take it off there or not.

When I gave my husband’s name and our dog’s name, she told me she had no record of either. My husband was around and said to let him talk to her. Despite the fact we had filled out forms for both dogs, she said there wasn’t a record of either. She told him the Captain would be back in 15 minutes and my husband said he’d just call back then. He did and was able to schedule an appointment for January 18th (yes another month away) for Apollo to have a screening and then January 24th for the neuter.

Sad Dog

Fortunately ours wasn’t sad for long.

By the time we went in for the screening, Apollo had completely chewed off the tumor. The vet didn’t seem too concerned. She took some blood work for his pre-screening, and that was that. We went back a few days later for the neuter and just had to drop him off. When I picked him up, they gave me a cone and some puppy pain meds. He wouldn’t leave the cone on and still tried to get out of it even when my husband fastened it to his collar, so we let him leave it off most of the time.

Fortunately, he healed up pretty quickly and got back to normal, minus the excessive humping. While he has still made the occasional attempt at Gir, he’s nowhere near as bad as before. Now if I could just figure out how to get him to ignore the neighbors when they stomp up the stairs…

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2 Thoughts on “Getting the Dogs Registered on Post and Getting Apollo Neutered

  1. I am sorry that you had to wait so long for an appointment. So is everything okay with the tumor now?

    • Thanks. He ended up chewing it off before the appointment so they never did anything with it. I’ve since heard that benign tumors are pretty common on min pins as sort of a skin condition so I’m guessing that’s all it was since he hasn’t really had any other problems.

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