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Photo a Day: August 1st-7th

It’s a new month and Fat Mum Slim has a new set of Photo a Day prompts for August. The first seven prompts for the month were outside, one, coin, somewhere you sat, logo, writing, and 8 o’clock.
1. Outside

I didn’t take a picture outside on the 1st, so here is a picture from June 16th of a storm brewing outside our apartment.

2. One

 photo 119.jpg

I forgot to take a picture for “one” on the 2nd, but the coin I was using for the prompt on the 3rd was 1 Reichspfennig, so here is the 1 side…

3. Coin

Someone gave this Nazi-era coin to my husband.

4. Somewhere You Sat

One place I sat on the 4th was next to the Eckensee at Stuttgart’s Sommerfest. The duck is over my shadow.

5. Logo

I actually took this picture on the 4th also where you can see the Mercedes logo on the top of the Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof.

6. Writing

Since I am starting my grad school classes this month, I decided to go through the boxes in our basement to find the psychology-related books I’ve already read (or, in the case of a couple, have started). I have a couple others, Escape from Freedom and A Perfect Mess, which were already pictured in the post for Photo a Day: July 15th-22nd.

7. 8 ‘O Clock

I forgot to take a picture at 8 ‘o clock on the 7th. On the 8th at that time, everywhere on PHV for fast food had apparently closed. The guy at Anthony’s pizza was going to sell me the last two pieces of pre-made pizza. Unfortunately the other guy who worked there threw them in the trash instead of giving them to me. Disappointed, we walked back home with our puppies who had accompanied us, and I took this picture on the way.

That’s it for this week of Photo a Day. Next week I’ll post my photo responses for: glasses, messy, ring, purple, spoon, simple, and arrow.

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9 Thoughts on “Photo a Day: August 1st-7th

  1. I am sure that coin is very rare!
    The duck is so cute! Great pictures!

    • I read that there were 152 million produced, which seems like a lot to be considered rare lol, but I don’t know how many people have them nowadays. I did look up that this was printed in Hamburg and thus probably worth about $0.15 to $1.00 in its circulated condition, and that the most one would be worth would $30 in brilliant uncirculated condition if it were printed in Vienna.
      Thanks 🙂

  2. That’s an interesting coin. Why did they give it to you guys?

    I’ve never been to the Stuttgart Sommerfest but it sounds like a lot of fun. Is there yet another blog post to come on this one? 😉

    • It was from a guy my husband was talking to who came over here with the army around the end of WWII and never left. I took it as kind of passing it on from one generation of soldier to another, but I’m not exactly sure. I actually wasn’t there for the exchange but found out about it later.

      We actually didn’t stay for much of it, mostly wandering the city, and we ended up eating out in the city so we didn’t get to experience much of what was available at the festival. But I do plan on posting about it eventually.

  3. Amanda you are killing me. I knew the background looked familiar, lol. You were in Stuttgart on the 4th!:) I was too:))) Wish to have known and we could of meet up or something. This world is truly small, lol. Love the coin you display it is very interesting and your husband is lucky to have it.

    • lol it definitely is small. That would have been fun. It was actually kind of a random decision that I picked the night before and didn’t know if my husband would agree to until the day of. Thanks. It is a pretty interesting thing to have I think and lucky chance that he was given it.

      • I was watching X man decision something like that. But it was part two of Xman and the coin that was giving to your husband is the same coin in the movie that magneato always have. The only difference is that coin was silver with with the same print as yours. Thought that it would be cool to share this info with you, that coins has many stories to it:) Enjoy your week!

        • I never noticed that. I just looked it up and it seems the coin in the Xmen movie is meant to be a replica of a 5 Reichspfennig coin (slightly higher denomination than this one but the same family of coins). That’s pretty interesting. Enjoy your week also. 🙂

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