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Photo a Day: August 8th-14th

The next seven prompts for the Photo a Day August challenge were glasses, messy, ring, purple, spoon, simple, and arrow. While I didn’t deliberately take any photos on the day of the prompt for the prompts, I did take some on different days with one of the prompts in mind, and some days I ended up taking  a photo that fit the prompt on the day without specifically trying to. In any case, all of the following photos were taken during the right week if not on the correct day or with the original intent of fulfilling the prompt.

8. Glasses

I didn’t take a picture of glasses on the 8th, but on the 12th I went to the Schokoladen (Chocolate) Museum in Cologneand got a picture of a poster of someone who wears glasses mixing chocolate.

9. Messy

I didn’t take a picture on the 9th of anything messy, but on the 11th I took a picture of the side of the hotel doorknob tag that indicates we want maid service, which even exclaims “messy!”.

10. Ring

I already showed a picture of my ring for the prompt for July 15th, so I didn’t take one on the 10th. I did take a picture on the 12th of a ring of Polizei around a group of protesters who we were told were Neo-Nazis.

11. Purple

This was taken on the 13th rather than the 11th, but it has some purple in it. I took this because one would likely not see a mannequin so posed in America. One would definitely not see what’s placed around it in a display that faces a public street.

12. Spoon

I forgot about “spoon” being a prompt, but actually managed three photos on this day with a spoon (or part of one). I already used the one with the full spoon for the 8th, so here is one with a partial spoon in my drink from the restaurant of the Chocolate Museum. The drink was chocolate with Belgian chocolate ice cream and whipped cream which was so good.

13. Simple

This was actually taken on the 13th although I didn’t plan it for the prompt. It’s simple because there’s not much distraction in the picture, but also because the dog seems to be pretty simple to handle. He is off his leash several feet behind his owner (who I only knew to be such because she was the only one walking around with a leash). I could trust Gir to do this (though she wouldn’t trail that far behind), but never Apollo.

14. Arrow

This was taken on the 11th of the view out our window in the Art ‘otel Cologne where you can see arrows on the pavement. I didn’t apply a yellow filter; the window is tinted yellow.

That’s it for this week in Photo a Day. Come back next week to see: ready, food, faces, inside, hole, today, and cool.

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