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Categories Created and Coming Soon

Overseas Adventures originally just had categories for the Germany Moving Process followed by Learning German and Life in Germany with subcategories On the Army Post and Out in Heidelberg. In the last couple months, I’ve added a few more and plan on adding some new ones soon. So I figured now is as good a time as any to tell you what the new categories are/will be and what types of things you can expect to find there.

New-ish Categories

Photo from the Philosophenweg in Heidelberg.

ReflectionsThis was the first new category I started with a post about looking back at 2011 and ahead to 2012. For the most part, I plan on this category being a place for posts that somehow relate to looking at where I’ve been and/or where I’m going that don’t easily fit into another category.

Blogging: When I participated in the Military Spouse Appreciation Day Blog Hop, I started a Blogging category so I would have a place to put introductions for blog hops. I have since made subcategories for Blog Hops, Link Ups, and Round Tables, which is basically where I put any intro posts for blog hops as well as posts that are either done via link up (like my first vlog) or following a theme but without being on a linky list (like Photo a Day). I also added a place for my Guest Posts & Interviews on Other Blogs. Then I added Other Blogs and Bloggers, Blog Groups, and Blog Awards so I could add posts about other blogs and from other bloggers as well as talk about some blog groups I’m part of and blog awards I’ve received. And of course, there’s one for Blog Changes & Updates.

Exploring Germany: I hope you’re as excited as I am that I finally get to tell you about exploring cities other than Heidelberg. Each city I go to will get its own category. I’m not sure when we’ll explore other countries in Europe, but I plan to give them categories when I get there as well. If you want to see where I’ve been that I haven’t posted about yet, you can do so on this page.

Recipes: I started this category when I posted about Thanksgiving, and I plan to add at least a few more recipe-related posts. If it’s a recipe I changed significantly from the original, I’ll put the recipe right in the post. Otherwise, there’ll be a link in the post to the original, and I’ll post about the results. While the first few are not going to be German ones, I am interested in trying some German recipes while I’m here, so if you have a favorite, please share.

Categories Coming Soon

My letter conditionally admitting me to grad school at UMUC Europe/Bowie State University (it’s BSU but through a partnership with UMUC Europe that lets me take classes here).

Going to Grad School: I’ve mentioned in passing that I am starting grad school this month to pursue a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology. Since it will be quite the time investment, I figure it merits its own category. Plus, there were some things involved with the admissions process and the logistics of going to school while stationed overseas that might be of interest to others trying to do the same thing.

Random Opinions: I used to have a blog called In My Opinion, but I hardly updated it because I rarely care about an issue enough to post. It was on Blogger which changed over to a new format and said I’d be locked out of updating the blog if I didn’t switch over to it. I couldn’t figure out how to do that because Blogger automatically directed me to .de (with everything in German), and they didn’t reply to my email asking for assistance. I didn’t want to lose all those posts and I’m happier with WordPress, so I figured I’d bring them over here and post them at random times. Hopefully most of them are still relevant. Then I can add to the category on the off chance I have an opinion to share. I think it makes more sense to have a rarely-used category on a blog of expanding interests than it does to have a blog devoted to a category I rarely update in.

A picture my husband took of me in the room.

Other Writing: I originally planned not to mention my other writing except in passing, and a writing tag sufficed. But, as I mentioned in a post about my job path, I had written a story inspired by working in retail that I had originally posted on Blogger and took down for the same reason as the other one. I thought it would be fun to re-post here and maybe some other work later on. Since the story is thirteen chapters, I’m not sure how I want to go about posting it. I’m considering installments when I know I’ll have downtime from normal posts or posting a downloadable PDF of the full novelette. If you have any suggestions how you’d like to see it (if you would) or what else you might like to see, let me know.

So there you have the recent and coming categories. I have a few more in mind, but they are much further down the road in posts and I’m not sure how I want to approach them, so I’ll post again when I’m closer to adding them. Coming from originally planning just to write about moving to German, living here, and our travels, it’s a little strange to already have so many categories added and planned, but it’s also kind of exciting. Eventually, this won’t be Overseas Adventures anymore, so I’m glad to be laying the foundation to expand it into something else down the road. I hope you’ll join me on the upcoming adventures.

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3 Thoughts on “Categories Created and Coming Soon

  1. This all looks very overwhelming and also time-consuming! I wish I had the energy to do the same with my blog. I am more focused towards opening up my own Web site now, though.

    • It probably will be, but I will eventually have a lull in posts when I catch up on the traveling posts, so this will give me more areas to post about. I recommend iPage. I signed up for Investing in Fitness when they had a special going on where it was 3/mo instead of 7/month if you signed up for two years. (Right now it’s 3.50/mo http://www.ipage.com/web-hosting) Of course go figure lately I have been so busy that site has been getting neglected. I am not at a point of needing my own site for this blog but I would use them again if I did as you can use WordPress as platform if you want to or host the blog as a part of your site.

      • ^Update…I now use BlueHost for this site, and actually like them better. I found out I can have both sites on the same hosting plan, so I’ll be moving that other one over soon.

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