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German Demystified Didn’t Entirely Demystify German For Me, But It Did Help

In early February, I checked a book out of the library called German Demystified: A Self-Teaching Guide. While I wouldn’t say it entirely demystified German for me, it was helpful review in the beginning and helpful learning toward the middle. Since I checked the book out of the library, I used a notebook to copy down information and exercises rather than write in the book. I worked my way through the chapters in February and March, but didn’t go all the way through. I stopped in chapter 11.

Chapters one through three were good review on things like pronunciation, introducing and talking about oneself and others, and asking and answering basic who, what, and where questions. Chapters four and five went into more detail about describing others, asking questions like when and why, indicating possession, and providing adjectives and objects that can be used. Following chapter five was a 50 question review of all the previous chapters. I was able to get through those without missing answers, which made me feel a bit more confident in what I knew.

In Chapter six, I started wondering how well I was learning. The written practice section said to match each statement on the left with a statement on the right that logically followed. In the answers, several did not make sense. For example, statement one “Es ist spät (It is late)” was matched with D which was “Nein, ich habe kein Geld (No, I have no money)” which obviously does not logically follow. It was pretty obvious from the context which ones were supposed to go with others, but if there were incorrect answers in this section, I wondered if there were other things that were wrong that I didn’t know enough German to catch. Hopefully there weren’t, but that hampered my desire to go much past what was just review on my present knowledge.

Still, I went on to finish chapters six through ten which covered topics including actions in the present tense, irregularities in present tense verbs, talking about location, talking about the past, and time and the calendar. Following chapter ten was another test. Chapter eleven went over more on talking about the past, but I did not make it all the way through. Overall, I think the the parts of the book I got through provided a good review of what I already had learned in German and helped me learn a little bit more.

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4 Thoughts on “German Demystified Didn’t Entirely Demystify German For Me, But It Did Help

  1. I told David to check it out! He has a couple of German books and we also look for some new ones.

  2. farnaz on July 12, 2013 at 11:00 am said:

    hello,HOw can I find the Audios?please help me 🙂

    • The audio is on a CD. I checked it out from the library, so mine did not come with it. If you did the same or bought it second-hand that may be why you can’t find it.

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