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Photo a Day: August 15th-21st

This week’s of Photo a Day challenges were ready, food, faces, inside, hole, today, and cool. The only ones I took on the actual day were ready (although not intentionally for the prompt) and cool (which I did take for the prompt). Most of the rest of the pictures I took on the 21st with the prompts in mind, except food and hole. For those I used pictures from other days I haven’t shared yet that I think fit.

15. Ready

On the 15th, Gir was ready to rock her new shirt. It says “I’M THE MONSTER UNDER YOUR BED”. Even though Apollo is the one we call Monster (Gir we call Bear), Gir often likes to sleep under the bed.

16. Food

Our food from Latino Loco in Cologne on August 12th.

17. Faces

On the 21st I decided to get both my dogs’ faces in one picture. It took over a dozen attempts to get a few with both of them because they didn’t want to sit still. This was the first that turned out.

18. Inside

Apollo on the 21st, putting his head in my glass to try to steal my Coke.

19. Hole

On the Hohenzellern bridge in Cologne, many people put “love locks” on the fence along either side of the bridge. This one has a keyhole, partially visible, so I figure that is close enough to count for the prompt. I looked up the prison which is printed on the lock, and it turns out to be the prison mentioned in the movie Fargo.

20. Today

On the 20th, my textbook I’d been waiting on for over a month finally arrived, which happened to also be the first day of class. I forgot to take a picture though, so here is one from the 21st.

21. Cool

It’s been in the 90s this week and the only thing we have in the apartment to keep “cool” besides our couple barely moving ceiling fans is this desk fan.

That concludes this week of Photo a Day. There are ten prompts left for the month and I don’t want to do a post with just three so I may either do only 5 next time and the time after, or wait and do one at the end with all ten. In any case, the last ten will be: home, pair, path, fresh, dream, tap, clock, down, card, and hidden.

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4 Thoughts on “Photo a Day: August 15th-21st

  1. Love the pictures! Especially the ones with the dogs for sure. 🙂 Gir looks awesome in her new shirt, it’s hilarious!

  2. Can I just say, Gir is totally rocking her new outfit!

    • Thanks. It’s funny I never thought she would want to wear clothes until we got Apollo a jacket and she acted jealous. Now whenever we put something on her (especially if Apollo doesn’t have anything one), she struts around.

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