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Photo a Day: August 22nd-26th

I took a few pictures this week but didn’t intentionally take pictures to the prompts for the Photo a Day Challenge. One fit for the the prompt from the day before it was taken, so I’ll post that. The others all come from other weeks or even months, but have not been posted to the blog before.

22. Home

The moon over Patrick Henry Village (seen from our window). photo 246405_10100726882149350_1384423863_n.jpg

The moon over Patrick Henry Village, our home for the time being. Taken March 6th from inside our apartment.

23. Pair

My pair of dogs, Apollo and Gir, taken on August 21st.

24. Path

If stairs count as a path, here’s Apollo on the way down the stairs near the Neckar. He just realized there were ducks (not pictured). This was taken June 16th.

25. Fresh

“I’ll get my stupid rope. I’ll get it”. Apollo on June 25th, pulling on the freshly washed rope toy. He finally gets the concept of playing tug of war instead of just chewing on it or running off with it.

26. Dream

I couldn’t find a picture that really related to a dream or my hopes and dreams, so here is a picture from August 15th of a shirt I bought which mentions being asleep. I got it in memory of my grandma who passed away a few months ago because she liked butterflies.

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6 Thoughts on “Photo a Day: August 22nd-26th

  1. More dog pictures! Yay!
    I am so sorry your grandma passed away a few months ago! 🙁

  2. I like your photos, the dogs are so cute. I am sick for having a dog but it’s just not the right time or place at the moment. Wish I knew someone here with a dog so I could play and cuddle and go for dogwalks 🙂

    • Thank you. Hopefully you can find someone with one. I’m sure they would appreciate getting extra playtime, cuddles, and walks. If you have time, you could probably even put up some flyers offering to be a dogwalker and get paid for it 😉

  3. Apollo looks so determined in getting his rope….!

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