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Photo a Day: August 27th-31st

Once again I managed not to specifically take any pictures that went with the prompts for Photo a Day August, but I did take some pictures this week and last that happened to work out, one of which was even on the correct day. If you’re a fan of my min pin (or min pins in general), you’re in luck, because Apollo is in every one of the pictures this week. For now, I plan on this being my last Photo a Day post for awhile. Between working and starting classes, I haven’t been posting much, so I figure even if I only get a post a week out, it’s better if it’s to catch up on the type of posts that are the original purpose of this blog. If you’re interesting in participating in September though, here are the new challenges.

27. Tap

Apollo ‘tapping” me on the knee as he checks out Tim’s game table on the 27th as Gir walks out of the room.

28. Clock

I could swear I had a picture somewhere I haven’t already posted with a clock in it, but I couldn’t find it, so here’s another picture of Apollo, taken on the 23rd. My justification for this is that he is often my alarm clock, barking and one thing or another. In this picture, he seems to be saying that it’s time for a nap (now that he’s done chewing up my cup and a yogurt container he got a hold of).

29. Down

And here is Apollo a little while after the previous photo, down for his nap, although if you look closely you may be able to tell that he looked up at me as I was taking the picture in a way that seemed to say to leave him alone because he was trying to nap.

30. Card

Apollo watching Tim’s game on the 31st. If you look toward the top of the photo, you can see that there happens to be a playing card in the photo, although that obviously wasn’t the point of the picture.

31. Hidden

I didn’t have a picture illustrating “hidden” for this week and originally planned on using one for earlier in the month. But then I took this picture today of Apollo and Tim play fighting which I think illustrates that hidden inside our min pin is a full-size Doberman.

Well, that’s the end of Photo a Day August, and the end of my Photo a Day posts for now. I’ve enjoyed participating, but it’s time to go back to my original focus for awhile.

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2 Thoughts on “Photo a Day: August 27th-31st

  1. Lots of dog pictures! I looooove it! Your dogs are sooo adorable and I can’t get enough of them!

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