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Having My First Flammkuchen (Flame Cake) in Mannheim

Flammkuchen stand

The stand where we bought our first Flammkuchen

When we went up to Mannheim May 19th, we were just planning on stopping in the city so my husband could pick up something at a store. When we got there, we found a lot of roads blocked off due to a Catholic festival that was going on. There were many tents set up, most of which I didn’t understand the purpose of. There was also an area with food. We stopped into the store and then on the way back stopped where the food was and got some Flammkuchen. We had been told it was good but had never had it before. We got Gemuse and Kase (vegetable and cheese). My husband went up to another tent to get drinks while I sat at a picnic table.

While he was getting the drinks, an older woman asked in German if one of the other spots at the table was free. I indicated it was . She said “Guten Appetit.” I thanked her, and she sat down. She was having trouble opening the straw to her chocolate drink and asked me to open it, which I mostly figured out from her gesturing. I opened it and gave it back to her. Then she started asking questions in German.

Beverage tent

The beverage stand

I told her that I don’t know much German and asked if she speaks English. She didn’t say she did and kept speaking in German. I caught enough to know that among her questions were where I am from and where I live. I told her I’m from America and live in Heidelberg. My husband came back and she asked if he didn’t speak German either. I said he doesn’t really either. She continued talking and asking questions. Unfortunately, I could not understand most of what she tried to tell me and let her know I only understood a little.

Flammkuchen, My first Flammkuchen (Flame cake). This one is vegetables and cheese.

My first Flammkuchen

We ate the Flammkuchen and it was very good. It’s kind of like a pizza, but not quite. I have had Flammkuchen a couple times since, and that one was still the best I have had. The stand my husband got drinks from only had some kind organic soda. It tasted a little like black licorice. It wasn’t bad but wasn’t my favorite thing in the world.

Organic cola

Organic cola

The woman didn’t say anything else to us until she got ready to leave. Then she said in English, “I hope you have a good time and enjoy the”…and she made a gesture kind of like birds flapping. I wasn’t sure what she meant and did not understand when she said the word in German. My husband thought she meant the weather. I thought maybe the festival going on. In any case, I thanked her and told her I hoped she did also.

While I don’t need to speak German most times or can get by on tiny snippits, it would be nice if I could hold more of a conversation in German. It’s happened a couple times both on post and off that someone tries to have a conversation mostly in German and I can only reply to a little of what they say in German, a little more in English, and the rest is lost on me.

Since it was a nice day in the 70s, my husband had intended to take me to Luisenpark after we ate, but by the time we got out of the area it was already 3. We decided to go the next weekend as long as the weather held up. As I post this, we still have yet to make it there.

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  1. I have no idea what the gesture of that woman meant. I am sure it must have looked funny!

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