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Looking Back at 2012

In January, I mentioned some general goals I wanted to work toward this year. With the year coming to an end, I decided to take a look back at how far I got (or didn’t) with those goals. Below you’ll find what I made No Progress on, made Some Progress on, and Completed. I also started a few new endeavors which I hadn’t thought of at the time I made the original list.

No Progress

Visit Other Countries

It took me until September to apply for my tourist passport and late October for it to come in. Unfortunately, the year is at a close, and we never made it out of Germany. But there’s always next year.

Have another good writing year

I originally planned to be a ‘rebel’ in NaNoWriMo and use it to finish both my first NaNo novel and one I had started as an undergrad, but I ended up not doing that. I thought I might at least write some short stories, but I didn’t do that either. I have been blogging more, which I think counts for something, but not toward this goal which was supposed to be for creative writing. Toward that end, though, if you’re interested in seeing a snapshot of my blogging year, check out my annual report from WordPress.

Some Progress

Submit at least half as much writing to publications as last year

I have only submitted creative writing to eight places this year, which was *much* less than I did last year. I sort of lost motivation after my drive crashed and I lost the record of my progress last year. I had to re-enter all the information since I couldn’t recover the USB drive. I did have several guest posts published on other blogs though.

I also had some works that I had submitted in 2011 published in 2012. My story Harbor was published in Two Thirds North (Sweden), and the issue can be downloaded free or purchased in print for $10. In January, Five Stop Story (U.K) published my story The Runaway on their website and iPad/iPhone application and Harvest House exclusively on their iPad/iPhone application. Five Stop Story also published my story Portent on their website and iPad/iPhone application in February and reprinted it in September in their eBook Five Stop Stories: Short Stories to Read in 5 Stops on Your Commute: Volume 2 (also available on Amazon.uk). In June, my poems No Rose for Emily and This Dust were published in Lyric: A Literary Chorus. Unfortunately last I checked their website was not working. I also had a story accepted for Wicked East Press’s Fresh Ground: Coffee House Flash Fiction Vol. 3 but am not sure when it will be released.

Help people and be successful as a Beachbody Coach

That’s a shortened version of the main goals around that topic. The business was pretty slow to build and I did have some success in each area. But when I started working, at first part time and then more hours and then added grad school to the mix, I was not able to focus as much on it as I was able to when I first started.

Finish Insanity and keep in shape
If I would have listed this as two goals, I could have put the first part under ‘complete’ since I did complete Insanity in March. I mentioned it here and blogged about it on Investing in Fitness. I have not done as well with keeping in shape as I would have liked to (partially due to the fact I’ve gotten sick several times in several ways since starting my job) but I did several workouts from P90X and Rockin’ Body (although I didn’t finish them as full programs) and have also done some yoga.


Read more than 10 books

Last year I only read 10 books so I wanted to exceed that this year and did in March. By the end of the year, I had managed to finish 23, which you can see here. I also have several in progress.

Deutsch: Deutsche Bundesländer Karte.

See more of Germany

I’m not as far as I wanted to be on the goal of seeing more of Germany, but I am further than I was at the start of this year, so this is “complete” as far as obtaining the goal goes. Outside of Heidelberg and close areas like Eppelheim and Sandhausen where I’ve only ben to restaurants, I have been to Mannheim (several times), Mainz, Schwetzingen, Speyer, Ramstein (and Darmstadt when we got lost going there the first time), Günzburg (including Legoland), Stuttgart, Cologne, Worms, Bad Dürkheim, Sembach, and Vogelweh. I’ve seen varying degrees of those places, and if I haven’t written about them, I plan to catch up to doing so soon. In fact I’m not sure how I managed to skip over doing a post about Speyer, but I’ll do that soon.

Beat at least as many video games as last year (5)

I had a slow year in trying to finish video games. After finishing Uncharted 3, I started a few other games. Of those, I finished Space Marine and then Red Dead Redemption. My husband ended up talking me into getting on Steam and I started some games there as well. Of those, I beat Containment: The Zombie Puzzler and The Walking Dead. I really cut it close though since I Just beat the Walking Dead about an hour ago. I was going to post a picture of a screenshot from the game, but the one I took was a potential spoiler, so I’ll refrain. If you happen to be interested in either game, follow the links as they’re both on sale until January 5th.

New Things I Started This Year

Since I already read over 10 books, I decided to read at least 20 and did manage to exceed that by a few.

I decided to start grad school in Counseling Psychology. I took a couple of courses in the first fall session and plan to take some more in the spring. My goal was to have a 4.0 in my first semester, which I did.

my guitarAs a reward to myself for completing the above goal, I bought Rocksmith on half.com after I got my grades. It took awhile to come in and didn’t have the RealTone cable with it (which I got enough of a refund for to buy it off Amazon). I finally started playing it on December 22nd. I have had a guitar for almost six years and was never able to teach myself to play it through other methods I had tried. After about a week of using Rocksmith I’m much further than I expected to be in *finally* learning to play my guitar.

Looking back at 2012, I am glad I accomplished some of the things I set out to do and made progress on goals I didn’t know I would have. There is always next year to work on where I fell short or had only just started. Tomorrow, I’ll post a look ahead to some of the goals I’ll be working on in 2013.

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4 Thoughts on “Looking Back at 2012

  1. I hope your 2013 will be wonderful and you will be able to see lots of European countries!

  2. Sounds like a greatly accomplished year to me. BTW, this might be too personal, but do you ever get paid for those creative writing gigs and stories published online and in print? Just wondering how that works in real life. I am about to read portent, really excited.
    Uhm, congrats on being able to teach yourself how to play the guitar. That’s wonderful. I wish I could just go back to learning the piano again but I’ve yet to find some time. *sigh* I love that “The Game” is among the top 5 posts people clicked on this past year. hah!

    • Thanks. Ever, yes. Usually, no. I got paid $20 for my story in The First Line, which is the first time I’ve gotten paid money for fiction. I also earn a portion of the royalties on the sales from Evolution Vol. 1, but since they wait until they can send a certain amount ($25 I think), I haven’t seen anything from that yet. (I did win their grand prize which was a Kindle touch, though so I suppose that counts as paid). Most others, if they are a print journal or anthology, pay in copies, and some can’t afford to do that, or it doesn’t apply if it’s online. In that case the “payment” is being published and getting exposure. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

      Haha thanks although I don’t know that I can say I’ve really taught myself yet, but I’m working on it. I’m sure you could if you got the time. I wonder if I would still be able to play anything on my keyboard if I got it out.

      Yep. See…you should come up with some more games 😉

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