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Apollo’s First Walk Out in Heidelberg

The week after our anniversary, my husband Tim and I decided to take our min pin Apollo on his first walk out in Heidelberg. (Previously he had only walked on post). We decided to park at the PX and walk along the Neckar.

Apollo is excited to be in the car though he doesn’t know where he’s going.

Tim had to carry him some of the time, which he also enjoyed.

We stopped by some steps near the water. Apollo was calm until the ducks started honking. Then he wanted to bark at them.

Apollo was happy to be near the water. At first was oblivious to the ducks.

Apollo barking at the honking ducks.

Since someone else had come down to sit by the water, we decided to leave. We continued walking along the water for awhile.

Looking out on the water from the trail we were on.

Apollo actually jumped into this cement barrier, apparently trying to jump on it, so Tim picked him up so he could see over.

Looking up the street from under the bridge.

After awhile, we got hungry and decided go to Haupstrasse to find food.

A street on the way there.

Tim got falafel and I got a couple slices of pizza at the window at Pizza Hut. I was happy to be able to order, respond to not needing a drink, and thank the woman at the window without having to ask if she spoke English.

It amuses me their window says “WELCOME TO THE AMERICAN WAY OF PIZZA” since their pizza doesn’t taste like Pizza Hut’s in America. It does taste much better though.

We sat on a bench for awhile to eat and Apollo behaved pretty well. There was a young girl, no more than three years old, not far from us whose parents were at a table. At one point, the girl just wandered off. My husband tried telling the mother that the child was walking away, but it took a minute for her to pay attention at which point the child was further down the street. When she did, she just nodded as if he hadn’t said anything important. I seem to see a lot of young children whose parents aren’t closeby in Germany and I’m not sure why that is. In America, kids tend to be held by their hand or have one of those backpacks with a lead.

As we walked back toward our car, we passed a building where an older woman was going in and she started talking to us, but we did not understand much of what she said. When Tim asked if she spoke English, she didn’t seem to but she started pantomiming, mimicking our dog’s tongue wagging and saying “Wasser” (water), then pointing to the dog. Then she pointed to a foutain that was behind the trees on the street, apparently indicating that we could take the dog over there to get water. We thanked her and thought it was nice that she had thought of that. However, when we got over there we realized there was sign that said “Kein Trinkwasser” which means the water is not for drinking. My husband joked that he wondered if the woman was trying to poison our dog. I think she was just being kind and probably didn’t realize it was not water for drinking.

I bet this fountain looked refreshing.

Too bad it’s not drinking water.

After that we headed back to the car. Tim estimates we walked about four miles. I was pretty impressed Apollo behaved as well as he did and lasted as long as he did with only having to be carried a few times.

Apollo being carried for a bit on the way back.

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4 Thoughts on “Apollo’s First Walk Out in Heidelberg

  1. So good to see you again, Amanda!
    And thanks for sharing the pictures, your dog is so cute! 🙂 And I really hope the old woman did not want to poison your dog. :))

  2. Hannah on April 11, 2013 at 11:26 am said:

    I’m certain the old lady did not want to poson your dog.
    “Kein Trinkwasser” just means that its not drinking water from the tap – most likely its rain water or unfiltered ground water. Neither you nor the dog would die or even get sick if you drank it.
    It’s not an acual warning- it’s just one of those things that the Germans have rules about- if water somewhere is not 100% checked drinking water (tap water), there has to be a sign.
    I’m not a dod expert – but don’t dogs drink out of puddles or lakes sometimes? That’s no different than the water in the water fountain.
    I had a cat one, that simply rejected the fresh water we would but out in a bowl for her and loved to drink out of the tiny pond in the garden – it just liked the rain water with a bit of taste from the nearby herb garden better than the tap water with chlorine in it.

    • Oh I know. It was a joke. That is true some dogs do drink out of lakes and puddles if they have the chance to. I had seen similar signs when I lived in Florida where the water was pulled from somewhere untreated and would be fine for plants but might not be safe to drink, so I figured it was better just to err on the side of caution and not have him drink it.

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