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Some Favorite German Products II

A year ago today, I posted Some Favorite German Products. Since then, that post has been viewed over 2500 times, so I decided to do another post of more German products I and/or my husband use and enjoy. This time I’ll tell you about a couple of breads, a couple of candies, a couple of yogurts, a couple of drinks, and a couple of detergents. Most of these were purchased at Kaufland, although a couple can also be found at the commissary.

Kornmark American Sandwich Weizebrot (white bread): A long time ago, a German told my husband that Germany doesn’t really have sandwich bread the way that we do in America. While I enjoy the breads that German sandwich shops use far better, sometimes you just need sandwich bread for toast or grilled cheese or what have you. Unfortunately if you get it at the commissary (at least at ours) it’ll be expired in a day or two. So, I was excited to find this bread at Kaufland. It’s only about a euro, which actually makes it cheaper than some of the breads in the commissary, and it stays fresh pretty decently. It’s not as good as some of the American sandwich breads I like, but when you’re toasting it or buttering it up to grill it, it doesn’t make much difference.






Sinnack Backspezialitäten 4 Weizen Toastbrötchen: Finding fresh enough English muffins in the commissary is as difficult as finding fresh sandwich bread, so I was also happy to find these Toastbrötchen, which are basically the same thing. There are four sets of two pieces of Toastbrötchen and the package can be torn in half to make two smaller packages. When unopened they last a really long time. I use them to make egg sandwiches.

Click photo to see Haribo Pfirsiche on Amazon.com.

Haribo Pfirsiche (Peaches): I told you about Haribo Goldbären (Gold Bears) last time, and those are still the Haribo candy I usually pick up. But my husband got these for me, which are by the same brand. They are peach flavored gummy candies with a sugary coating. They were good for a change, and I will probably get them again sometime when I’m in the mood for something gummy bear-like with lots of sugar. I think my husband picked these up at the commissary, but you can find them (and many other Haribo flavors) in other places as well. My husband likes to get the Happy Cherry ones. I’ve tried those also, but they aren’t my favorite.

Click photo to see varieties of Trumpf Edle Tropfen in Nuss on Amazon.com.

Trumpf Edle Tropfen in Nuss (Noble Wines in Nut): I had first gotten chocolates with liquor for my family, but hadn’t tried them myself until a friend gave me these. I thought maybe the liquor was made into the chocolate but there is actually liquid in the center, so don’t do what I did at first and try to take a bite instead of eating the whole piece at once. I ended up with liquor all over my hand. There are a few different collections of this type of chocolate. This one is Dream Islands which has Jamaica Feeling, Piña Colada, Caribbean Dream, and Havana Special. They are much stronger than you might think. Obviously due to containing liquor they are not for children.


Elinas Joghurt nach Griechischer Art (Elinas Greek-style Yogurt): I told you about this yogurt last time, but last time it was the Brombeere (blackberry) that was my favorite. Since then I’ve found Vanille-mandel (vanilla almond) which has trumped it (although I still eat the Brombeere occasionally). I like to put granola in it. These are sold at the commissary in a pack of four (although sometimes they’re out of stock) and so far seems to be cheaper there than Kaufland. Apollo likes to get a taste when I’m done (if I let him). That’s his nose in the picture.

Wie damals Joghurt
: I saw this yogurt at Kaufland and it looked so much like a desert I had to try it. It’s fruit on the bottom with the yogurt on top. It comes in different flavors. This one is Erdbeer (Strawberry). There are also Caramell (Caramel), Apfelstrudel (Apple strudel), and Schwarze Kirschen (Black cherry). It was really good. While I haven’t been back to get more, I plan to soon. At first glance I didn’t think it looked like it was good for you since it had 401 Kj a serving, which I thought was equivalent to calories, but it turns out Kj is kilojoules and about 4.18 of those are in a calorie, so this is only about 95 calories a serving. Of course this container is 500g and they consider a serving to be 100g, so it could still be a chunk of your daily calories if you were going to eat it all at once.

Kaufland Apfelschorle: Apfelschorle is a soft drink made of apple juice and sparkling mineral water. I used to get one by Apollinaris (a German company owned by Coca-cola) in the commissary, but they stopped carrying it. While I didn’t see that brand at Kaufland, I did find this store brand which is only 55 euro cent. The store brand of mineral water is also not bad. I got the small pack which is 65 euro cent plus a pfand (deposit) of 1.50 euro. If you can be bothered to bring the bottles back in for the deposit, it makes buying water there cheaper than buying the small branded bottles in the commissary that sell for a couple bucks a six pack.

Big Pump Energy Drink: I don’t usually drink energy drinks. About the only one I actually like is Monster Extra Strength. I don’t drink this one either, but my husband does, so I figured I would share it. He has gotten this one a few times at Kaufland because it’s about 1.50 euro for 1.5L. When you consider that Red Bull around here is about $3.50, that makes this a bargain. It doesn’t taste like Red Bull though. My husband says it tastes like “really bad iced tea with caffeine”, but he says that “it gives you all the caffeine you could need for two days.”

Click photo to see different Perwoll varieties on Amazon. This one is now called ‘fur Wolle & Feines’ (for Wool and Delicates)

Perwoll Pflege für Feines (Care for Delicates): Last time, I told you about Perwoll, but that one was for Brillante Farben (brilliant colors). They stopped carrying it at the commissary, so we started getting it at Kaufland. But lately they have been out of the larger bottles of it, so my husband brought some bottles of this home instead. When I first saw it, I thought it looked like fabric softener, but it’s actually for delicates or ‘fine fabrics’. A German coworker toward me it’s made to wash wool, but it can safely be used on any fabric and that it wouldn’t hurt anything to use it with regular clothes, so it became our regular detergent for awhile.

Dalli Fresh & Clean: When they were first out of Perwoll Brilliante Farbe at the commissary, they also didn’t have it in at Kaufland, so we picked this up. It’s designed for sports and leisure clothing, particularly Spandex, microfibres, polyester, etc. and is supposed to maintain the elasticity, breathability, and form of the fabric to minimize bagginess and shrinking and penetrate into the fibers to counteract absorbed odors. We’ve picked it up a few times since for athletic clothes and my husband’s uniforms. It says it meets the special care requirements usually required of sports and leisure clothes (which are usually meant for the delicate cycle) so you can use it for those items too.

With the comissary closing early and the PX being closed on Mondays, we started shopping more often at Kaufland and found a lot of things are similarly priced to the commissary, even accounting for the conversion, and some things are cheaper. The more we shop out on the economy, the more chance we have to find new products, so perhaps it will be less than a year before the next time I post about some more of my favorite German products.

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16 Thoughts on “Some Favorite German Products II

  1. Kathleen Petersen on May 29, 2013 at 6:49 am said:

    my personal favorite at all the local markets are the jars of tart cherries in a light syrup. Put that in your yogurt with a little muesli and you are good to go all day. I am partial to the Landliebe brand of yogurt. It is rich and creamy, and if you want a desert or topping get the jar of vanilla. I have been in Ramstein area for 6 months, and definitely prefer the food on the economy. I save up my reciepts and go then use several at a time with my VAT form, even at ALDI, my favorite. But if I am in the mood for crazy it has to be a trip to GLOBUS. If I want quality meat then Edeka. My goal is to experience the world outside the base. But there are a few items that I just haven’t found on the economy – chocolate chips, jar of baking powder, and cream of tartar. So for the items I must, I will break down and go to the post. That experience is rather oppressive. People walking down the isles as if they are in formation, waiting in line obediently, having to show ID over and over again. The helpful and friendly people at ALDI are great.

    • I haven’t tried the tart cherries or that brand of yogurt but I’ll have to look for it. I did not know that you could save up receipts to use with a VAT form. I was under the impression you had to use it at the time of purchase. I have been to ALDI in the States, but not here so far. I have never been to Globus or Edeka. I haven’t really had that experience with shopping on post, but then maybe since they’re getting ready to close here they aren’t so strict with ID. I very rarely get asked to show it and if so it’s only at checkout. I do like the shop on the economy better though, especially now that the commissary here is getting inconvenient with their hours and the prices are high for some things that don’t even stay fresh long once you get them.

  2. Hi Amanda, love me some Apfelschorle with sprite or with sekt! You have me really curious on the candy with alcohol in it. I always wanted to try it but hubby always say no.

    • I haven’t tried it with Sprite or Sekt, but it sounds like a good idea. Why would he say no? If you eat it when you aren’t going to go anywhere you should be fine. It’s less alcohol than a glass of Sekt I think.

      • I agree. I think because I did not use to drink before moving to Germany. Well not true just on Christmas, Thanksgiving, and sometimes on Valentine day. Since we moved here I have been trying so many drinks/alcohol and everytime we go out it is always a alcoholic beverage. I think he worry to much over nothing because it is just in moderation.

        • Ah well, as long as it’s in moderation and you’re not driving afterward, I don’t see an issue. Maybe you can get them on a special holiday or something as a treat.

  3. I think my comment just vanished, I am not sure.
    It is very interesting to read about your favorite German products! Have you ever been to dm? It is a drug store and they have lots of great products for good prices. I also recommend “Mon Cherie”, they are chocolate pralines filled with a cherry and cherry Schnaps. And my favorite Haribo is “Pasta Frutta”.

    • Yep I think it did as this is the only one I see. Thanks. I think I have been to DM, but I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything from there. I will have to look for Mon Cherie. I don’t think I have seen the Pasta Frutta.

  4. Love this post! Can’t wait to get to Germany and try some of these out!!

  5. Awww, bringing back so many memories of Good German food! I really do miss Apfelschorle, you just cannot get it over here and self-mixed is just not the same as self-bought.
    I also like Ferrero Kuesschen and all their products.
    Congrats on getting so many clicks on your first post. How can you tell how many people look at one post?

    • That’s a bummer you can’t get it over there. It’s a good compromise for me when I am trying to be good and not drink cola. I have only had Ferrero Keusschen once around Christmas. Thanks. Over on that side panel when you’re in the dashboard, go to Site Stats. If you haven’t reorganized your boxes (they can be moved, which I just discovered recently), below the chart where it tracks daily visitors on the right side there is a box called Top Posts & Pages where you can see Today’s and Yesterday’s. To the far right of that is a link called Summaries. Click that and under the title you’ll see the top posts for the past 7 Days, 30 Days, Quarter, Year, and All Time.

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