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Admissions Requirements for Graduate School: UMUC-Europe/Bowie State University

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Can you tell by the fact I disappeared for about three weeks that the summer semester is in full swing? I should actually be finishing my reading for the week, but I wanted to pop in to make a post about when I applied to start this new adventure. Last time I wrote a post dedicated to grad school, I talked about CACREP accreditation. I have heard from a school official and elsewhere but have not seen confirmed in writing that DoD is going to do away with requiring CACREP, so stay tuned on that. But now, here’s a bit about the process of applying to grad school.

First I had to start an application online which would cost $40 to process. When I started filling that out, it looked like I could only apply for the spring semester, and I wanted to apply for the fall one. I asked the original person I’d emailed when I could apply for fall and she said the applications would start after June 4th. She let me know they do allow students to submit their applications early to allow students to become familiar with their MyUMUC Student Center and so they can submit their documents for the counseling program. Due to the fact I still had to put those in motion and had to find out about MyCAA before that (which I will tell you about soon), I ended up applying on June 6th.

She also told me I could take up to three graduate classes before being fully admitted, but for any financial aid assistance I would have to fully admitted prior to having loans approved. While I don’t doubt there is some financial assistance unavailable before full admission, this wasn’t entirely an accurate statement because I wasn’t fully admitted when I started and was able to use a federal loan as well as to receive a new student scholarship and a couple of book awards (one per semester in fall and spring) from UMUC. (I will also write about some ways I looked for funding for school at some point).

You can see the full admissions requirements here, but here are the main things I had to get in besides the application itself as well as some comments:

Undergraduate transcripts [These have to be sent directly from the school(s) to UMUC-Europe. I took some college classes while in high school and then transferred the credits to another school, so I needed both transcripts in order to show what classes I had taken at each. This was to my benefit because the cultural anthropology class I took at the first school counted toward the required foundations courses which I’ll tell you more about in a little bit.]

3 recommendation forms from former teachers and/or supervisors. [Each consisted of a check list of how the individual would rate me on certain qualities and space to write a personal assessment. I had the option to either retain or waive the right to review the reference. I waived the right because I had heard from various sources that admissions boards consider the letters’ contents more reliable if that right has been waived. Plus I had faith in the people I asked and assume if it wouldn’t be a good reference, they would have declined to write me a letter in the first place.]

A personal typewritten statement addressing the following points:

• Background information: Family, education, and work.

• Goals: What you expect to be doing in five (5) years and in ten (10) years.

• Strengths: What strengths you possess that would contribute to being a good counselor.

• Change: What facets of your personality, behavior, and/or outlook that, if modified or changed, would make you a better person/counselor. What plans, if any, you have for making such change(s).

• Comments: Any additional information you would like to include.

While I wasn’t ready to put through the application or start submitting, I did work on my statement and get the transcript requests ready to go. I also decided whom to ask for my letters of recommendation. It was my understanding that I couldn’t have the documents submitted until I had already applied, so I waited until then to submit them.

Before being fully admitted, I would also have to have 12 credits in in foundation courses such as psychology, sociology, and education. Related courses including cultural studies and women’s studies could be approved by management. I found out in May that my training for work would qualify me to receive credits from Central Texas College (CTC): CDEC 1311-Educating Young Children, CDEC 1313-Curriculum Resources for Early Childhood Programs, and CDEC 1318 Wellness of the Young Child. Previously I’d taken ANTH 2800-Cultural Anthropology at the University of Toledo. I wrote UMUC the same day to see if those would qualify. They told me that they would.

Unfortunately, I later found out that CTC requires taking 6 credit hours with them before they would provide credits for my training. It wouldn’t have made sense for me to take any classes there, so I took Intro to Psychology along with a graduate level course in the first spring session and Clinical Psychology and Abnormal Psychology in the second spring session so I could resume taking graduate level classes in the summer. Next time, I’ll tell you what I found out about MyCAA (Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts) as well as a couple services Military One Source offers.

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2 Thoughts on “Admissions Requirements for Graduate School: UMUC-Europe/Bowie State University

  1. Thanks for posting this. It seems that grad school app throughout American schools is consistent and similar (transcripts, letter of references etc). I wouldn’t know who to ask, frankly, but I’m sure I’d figure it out.
    Also good to know about the funding/loans, can’t wait to hear more on that!

    • You’re welcome. Yeah I imagine it would be pretty similar at most institutions. I asked a professor of an independent study class that I took because I figured it would be good to know I can work independently and the paper I wrote for the final grade was the longest I’d written as an undergrad and was on a somewhat psychological topic. My other two references were former managers since they knew what I was like at work, which was the more recent part of life. If I’d applied a little closer to graduating as an undergrad, then I probably would have had professors write all three. Unfortunately I haven’t had much come through except for a loan and the scholarship and book awards from UMUC, but I will be posting about applying for FASFA and where I’ve looked (and continue to look) for scholarships.

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