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4th of July Fireworks at Patrick Henry Village & Info About Some Events Going On This Year

It’s time to tell you about last year’s 4th of July (and some events going on this year). Yep, I’m officially a year behind, but the way events were spaced out toward the end of 2012, I should actually be able to catch up to this year in a couple months if I can keep posting a few times a week. (That’s catch up this year, mind you, not actually up to date).

Last year, I didn’t know that this year we’d already have relocated up to Kaiserslautern (more on that much later), and this year is the last 4th of July for Patrick Henry Village before it closes down in August, so this is also sort of a commemorative post. Last 4th of July, there was a little fair set up on the grounds near the library, but we didn’t take part in any of that. We (my husband, me, and a few friends) just went out to see the fireworks. They didn’t start until almost 11 pm because it was still lightish at 10:30.

The sky at about 10:30 pm

I always enjoy a good fireworks show, but there was something kind of nice about being on an Army post with people who have served the country on a day in which we celebrate our freedom. It was also kind of amusing to hear the groans when one of the songs played was that one from the Army Strong recruiting commercial. I thought it was funny that they used the Star Wars theme too. I took a bunch of pictures during the fireworks and thought I would share my favorites with you.






I also took a couple short video clips. Here’s the best one:

After the fireworks, we went back to a friend’s. If you’re hoping to hear of a night of crazy debauchery, there wasn’t one for me. I stayed for a little while and watched people play Texas Hold ‘Em. Then, because I had to work the next day, I went home early. Exciting, huh? Next time, I’ll tell you about getting my Mazda fixed while overseas. Not exactly exciting either, but it was an experience…

If you’re at Patrick Henry Village this year, there is a BBQ party at the PHV bowling center with a live band and prize giveaways starting at 3pm. I have not been able to find out if there will be any fireworks on PHV. There is a “Rockin’ 4th Freedom Fest” in Ramstein that will have fireworks though. There is also a Korn concert in Wiesbaden (free to ID card holders).

I would kind of like to see Korn, but someone’s borrowing our GPS, and I’m not sure how much I can trust the one on my phone. For their event, Ramstein has a shuttle to and from bases including ours, and that’s supposed to run every half hour, so that might be an option also. Whatever I end up doing, I’m sure I’ll post about it here sometime. However you all decide to celebrate this 4th of July, don’t forget to take a minute to remember those who have given up their lives in service of the country. Our freedom’s never been free. Be safe, and have a happy 4th of July!

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2 Thoughts on “4th of July Fireworks at Patrick Henry Village & Info About Some Events Going On This Year

  1. Wow, I remember going to PHV back in 2009 and watching the fireworks. You’re right, they did start later. I almost forgot how it doesn’t get dark until much later in Germany during the summer…
    Well, last year of PHV fireworks… Time flies! I thought it was very depressing to visit my friend there in April. It was more of a ghost town but oh well. I hope you are transitioning well to K-Lautern life. There must be more going on around there and Ramstein has a pretty decent-sized mall.
    What did you end up doing for your 4th?

    • Haha yeah it is weird some days because I don’t realize it’s as late as it is. And yet, it gets light so early.

      I know right. Yeah it was getting pretty abandoned by then. We moved in June. I’m transitioning pretty well. I’ve been kind of shut in between unpacking and working on classes, so I need to get out more, but it’s nice here. The mall at Ramstein’s not bad to have. At least I know I can get things I need at their BX. The pickings at the one in Heidelberg were getting pretty slim.

      You know, I actually ended up being lame. I woke up too late to be able to do my homework (which was due yesterday and this morning) and go to Korn, so good student that I try to be, I stayed home and did that and didn’t finish the one assignment I was working on until a few minutes after the show would have started. I worked out and then decided I didn’t feel like going out and having to come back to do my other assignment (which was also due) when I would get back, so I stayed in to work on that and then started a video game. Not very exciting lol. I did crack open a Mike’s hard lemonade my husband had brought home for me after I finished my homework, but that was the extent of my partying. Like I said, lame lol.

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