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Getting the Job Offer for Child & Youth Program Assistant

Coin I got on one of my last days of work.

Last month, I told you about interviewing for the position of Child Youth Program Assistant at the Child Development Center. Today I’ll tell you about getting offered the position.

When I’d interviewed, the program director had said he’d make his decision by the following Wednesday. When that came and went, I assumed I hadn’t gotten the job. A few days later, I was offered another interview for the same position, this time at the School Age Center. The director there offered a range of days, and I picked one.

A few days later, I got an email from the NAF (Non-appropriated funds) human resources assistant letting me know I’d been selected for the Child and Youth Program Assistant position at the Child Development Center I’d interviewed at. She said it was a Flex 00 position, meaning I’d be guaranteed 0 hours per week, and that the salary would be $10.49 an hour. She asked me to reply with acceptance or declination, and gave me a deadline to reply by.

I replied letting her know I accepted the position but had a couple questions. We’d discussed $12.49 in the interview, and I wondered about the Flex 00 as Flex 20 (20 hrs) had been mentioned on the application and 30 hours in the interview. Since I had to accept the position before I’d be able attend the other interview, I emailed that program director to let her know I’d accepted another position.

A few days later, I received another email from the HR assistant with the same content as the first. This worried me a bit since I’d already replied. I wondered if it hadn’t gone through. The email said that non-reply would be considered a declination of the offer, so I didn’t want there to be a problem, especially as I’d just canceled my other interview. I replied the same as last time. Again, a few days went by and I heard nothing. This kind of worried me. Fortunately, the HR assistant called a few days later.

She wanted to confirm I wanted the position. I told her I did and let her know I had replied to her emails. She said there were technical difficulties, so she’d had to call people to follow up. I asked her about the pay and she said the $12.49 required the degree and a year of experience, plus 12 credits specifically in education, and since I didn’t have those I also didn’t qualify. I also asked about the Flex 00, since it differed from what we’d talked about in the interview. She said that hours are between me and the director. I’m not guaranteed any for the position, but if he told me I’d be working 30 hours, that’s what I’d be working.

She said I would need to come to fill out some paperwork and to bring my passport. They’re only open for people without appointments for a couple hours a day. I was able to go over that day. I’ll tell you about that and some of the requirements I had to fill before starting work next time.

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2 Thoughts on “Getting the Job Offer for Child & Youth Program Assistant

  1. Mhm, that paycut kinda stinks…

    • I know right. But I couldn’t really argue because the director had said it was ultimately up to CPAC (the HR ppl) what I would start at. It was better than I’m making right now though which is nada. Apparently pretty much everything is on a hiring freeze until October so I’m just focusing on classes until something comes through.

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