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Pre-Employment Paperwork & Requirements

The name-tag I got after I in-processed

Last time, I told you about accepting the job offer for Child and Youth Program Assistant. The day after, I had to go into CPAC (civilian personnel advisory center) which is the NAF HR department. Most of the paperwork I filled out for them was the same thing you’d fill out anywhere: name, address, phone number, etc. There was an extra form that was basically a duplicate of my resume. In fact, for most items she said I could just write “see resume”. The longest part was waiting for them to get together the things I would need. Because Ohio was one of the states I’d lived in within the last 5 years and they don’t accept digital prints, they had to give me a fingerprint card, and it took some time for them to figure that out. The girl told me they were all kind of new there so they were still learning.

She had me take home the application packet, a medical survey, and the fingerprint card. She said I’d need to get the fingerprints done at the MP station and then digital ones done at the security office. I went into MP station to find out they only do fingerprints Tuesday 9am to 11am. I had a lot of trouble getting ahold of the security office, and it took several attempts over a few days to get an answer. Once I did, I got an appointment for a couple days after the other one. The MP fingerprints were pretty quick. I had to have each finger inked and put it on the paper. It didn’t take long, and I got a couple wipes to clean my hands with. The digital were easier because they didn’t need ink, but sometimes the computer didn’t pick them up. I had to do my ring fingers a few times because of that.

The medical appointment was pretty standard, just a bunch of random questions basically making sure you don’t have anything serious that would hamper the job. I did have to do an active heart rate where I had to stand and squat over a chair for 2 minutes. It wasn’t that bad, but it was pretty boring. I also had to do a vision test (still 20/20 yay). There is a hearing test on the form. The doctor said she doesn’t do that in her office so she’d leave it blank, and if they wanted it I could go in for a test.

Since we were already there and I had to go up to get immunizations anyhow, I went in and had the hearing test done. I hate those because you have to click a button if you hear a beep, even if it’s faint, and I always think I’m hearing things when it’s far away and that I’m going to click it when there’s no sound there. He showed me how to read the results which basically indicated I have good hearing, but he wouldn’t fill it on the form, and the form asked how far I could hear (the distance wasn’t indicated).

For immunizations, I had to get a TB test. I could have taken in vaccine records but didn’t have them. Getting them would have been more hassle than getting shots again, so I had them done. I had to get MMR, Tdap and varicella/chickenpox. Hep A and B weren’t required but were recommended, so I did those also. I felt like a pincushion and my arm hurt. She said to move my arm around during the day or it would be sore. I did but it was sore anyhow. For the TB test you go back in 3 days for results, then wait 2 weeks and get another. Then in a few days get results for that. Waiting for that is the longest part of the process.

When I was waiting for the next test, I contacted the HR assistant. She’d told me to bring the application when I brought the other stuff, but I wondered if it would go faster if I did it earlier. She said I didn’t have to wait for medical stuff to be done to bring the rest so I took in the application and fingerprint work. A few days later, I was able to take in the medical stuff. I don’t think it mattered I had taken the rest in early because after that, she said she would send the stuff in for background. They would say yes or no if packet was okay. If there was a problem she’d let me know, and if not she would tell me when to go in for in processing. She said I should know by the next week. Next time, I’ll tell you about in-processing.

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  1. I hate those hearing tests, too. If you ever want to experience how it is to have illusions, just undergo one of those….

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