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Hakim’s Imbiss und Steakhaus

Outside of Hakim’s

Before we went to Hakim’s Imbiss und Steakhaus, my husband said we were going to go to a “hole in the wall” place he knows. When we got there, I could see why he called it that, but wasn’t sure it even qualified because the dining part had plastic tarp instead of walls. Don’t let the look of it dissuade you though, Hakim’s joint is pretty popular with nearly 2500 likes on Facebook. The inside of Hakim’s has an eclectic mix of seating and art. The picture below is on the inside across from where we sat.

Part of the inside of Hakim’s

The food was delicious. If I recall correctly, I had the chicken in a baguette with mushrooms and onions. Hakim’s is gentle on the wallet too. Most menu items are €5-6, and the most expensive thing is the large spare ribs at €9 (plus €1 if you want BBQ sauce). The normal size ribs are €6 with the same BBQ sauce option. There is a picture of the menu online here.

If you go, Hakim’s is on Sickingenstraße 36, 69126 Heidelberg, Germany. Hours are 10am to 9pm Mon-Fri and 10:30am to 7pm on Sat.

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4 Thoughts on “Hakim’s Imbiss und Steakhaus

  1. That definitely looks like an interesting place!

  2. Never been here! Glad you found good food before you left!

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