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5 on Friday Link Up: 5 Tips & Tricks for Daily Life in Germany or the US

I was already planning to write this post and realized there were exactly five things, which makes it perfect for The Good Life‘s 5 on Friday Link Up. While living in Germany, there have been a few things I have needed to find a workaround for. I’ll tell you a couple ways to use hangers in the bathroom, a way to use bubble bars without getting your hands full of dye, and a couple ways to use caribiners. Whether you’re over here or Stateside, hopefully you’ll find some of these tips and tricks useful.

1. Using a Pants Hanger to Dry Bath Mats

With limited space to hang anything up, I needed a way to hang the bath mats up after they got washed. I think I first saw this idea on Pinterest. Take a sturdy pants hanger and attach it to one end of the mat. Then, hang it up on the shower rod until it’s dry.

2. Using a Clothes Hanger to Hold Bath Poofs

In both apartments we’ve had, the shower is set up along a pipe such that the over-the-shower-head caddy I have doesn’t work. I like my bath poofs to be hung up to try instead of sitting on the side of the tub. So, I put a hanger on the pipe and the bath poofs on the hanger. You’ll need the kind of hanger with notches in it or those little hooks some have, so you can hang a bath poof on each side.

3. Using a Cup for Bubble Bars

I love Moon’s Harvest‘s bubble bars and other bath products, but some of them that require crumbling tend to leave my hand stained (usually the pink ones). The color goes away fairly quickly, but I wanted to find a way to avoid it happening. I actually came up with this idea because my favorite bubble bar (which doesn’t leave my hands discolored) is good for a few uses and I needed somewhere to store the remainder. I kept it in a glass and ran water into it the next time. I realized this would be a good way to start off with the ones that stain my hands so I’m not having to touch them as much. 
13 2-9 bubble method
4. Using a Caribiner for Groceries

This is another idea I’m pretty sure I first saw on Pinterest. I was reminded of it when I was thinking of how much it was going to stink carrying groceries up four flights of stairs in the new place. I told my husband we needed to get some caribiners to put the grocery bags on, and he already had some. The number of bags you can carry will kind of depend on your arm strength and what’s in the bag, but we can usually hold six to eight.

5. Using a Caribiner to Walk the Dogs

Apollo tends to like to pull on his leash which is why we had to get a harness, and sometimes it’s a challenge to walk both him and Gir at the same time. Her leash is a little longer, so I was twisting it around my hand to keep their leashes about the same length which got a little uncomfortable. After a couple days, my husband attached a caribiner to the leashes. His original intention was that if we ended up letting go of the leash, Apollo couldn’t go far if he was attached to Gir because she won’t run off. But it’s also great for being able to walk them without my hand hurting afterwards. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this, but I’m glad my husband did.

And those are my five tips and tricks for daily living. If you have five things you want to share on any subject, head on over to The Good Life, grab a button, write your post, and add your link to the list. If you read this and it’s after Friday, you can still post until the 16th. Or, just wait til next Friday and join the fun then.

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