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More Contributions to Germany Ja!

Bumper sticker I received from Germany Ja

I’ve made a few more contributions to  Germany Ja since my last set and wanted to post about them. These have all appeared in some form on this blog before, but I have other posts coming up which will be new.

Visiting a German Dermatologist was posted January 28th. This post originally appeared here as My First Checkup With a German Doctor.

Mainz Fasching Parade was posted February 5th. This was originally posted here as Fasching Parade in Mainz.

PCSing Our Pet Pooches was posted February 6th. This is a condensed version of my Puppy Preparation posts Part I, Part II, and Part III that originally appeared here.

Cafe Rossiwas posted February 8th. It originally appeared here as Our First German Meal at Cafe Rossi.

Pre-Orders Preparations was posted July 12th. It originally appeared here under the same name.

Germany Ja is part of the “Overseas Yes” series designed to help those who get orders overseas to go from saying “Overseas Yikes!” to “Overseas Yes!”. The other sites are Okinawa Hai and  Korea Ye. Each site contains information in the categories to do, to eat, to learn, to live, to shop, to travel, and to parent. If you are or have been stationed in any of these countries and would like to share your experiences, go to the “Writers Wanted” section at the top of Germany Ja or Korea Ye and the “Submissions” section at the top of Okinawa Hai.

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  1. What a great resource!

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