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Applying & Getting Admitted to UMUC-Europe/Bowie State University’s Counseling Psychology Program

Last time I talked about grad school, I did a three-part series on places I looked for loans, scholarships, and writing contests. Now, I’ll tell you about actually applying to and and getting admitted to University of Maryland University College-Europe/Bowie State University.

When I was first asking questions about UMUC-Europe, I was told I could apply early and put summer term even if I intended to apply for fall. I decided just to wait until June 4th which would have given me more time to write my personal statement anyhow, and any references would still have about two months to put in their recommendations. I had already saved the progress from when I found out I couldn’t put fall 2012 as an option yet, so I went back on June 4th to fill out the rest.

After filling out the term, I was able to pick my path. At first I was worried there was something wrong with the system as the graduate option didn’t have counseling psychology available under it. Then I realized they had separate listings. UMUC’s graduate courses were under graduate while Bowie State University’s were under Bowie State Graduate. After I submitted the application, I had the option to pay the $40 fee then, or mail a check. I opted to do it then. The process was quick and painless.

I got a message saying I would get a UMUC portal login and password within a couple days. It was actually within a couple hours. I had to log in, go to “change password”, and set one up. After that, I was able to poke around and see the different things that would be available. Later that day, I went over my personal statement a couple more times and then turned it in. I also wrote requests for references and put my transcript requests in the mail. (Technically since it was raining and my husband decided he didn’t want me to have to get wet, he put them in the mail. Isn’t he sweet?). Now all that was left to do was wait.

Surprisingly while I got other emails from UMUC, I never got an email saying when I was accepted. I just checked my account periodically to see when it showed less things in my “to do” list, and one day it didn’t show any but still showed pending a decision for the graduate school. Within a couple days I had an email about financial aid being approved, and when I logged in, they showed me as part of the graduate school in counseling psychology (although I still had to finish my foundations courses before I could be fully admitted). I could take up to three graduate classes without having those finished. I later got a letter (below) officially telling me I had been conditionally admitted.

My letter conditionally admitting me to grad school.

My letter conditionally admitting me to grad school.

After I finished my foundations courses, I should have gotten officially admitted, but when I checked in June of this year I was still showing as not having fulfilled the requirements. I’d passed the classes and had above the required GPA, so I emailed UMUC-Europe asking what was up. They told me there must have been a technical glitch and fixed it. I was told they had sent a letter to the address on file and it had gotten returned so they’d send another one (below). As of June 2013, a year after I’d applied, I could say I was officially a Master’s candidate in the counseling psychology track.

At some point, I’ll tell you a little about my class experiences, but next time, I’ll tell you about visiting Stuttgart during Sommerfest.

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2 Thoughts on “Applying & Getting Admitted to UMUC-Europe/Bowie State University’s Counseling Psychology Program

  1. Hello Amanda!
    Thanks for this wonderful blog! A lot of important information here. We may be relocating back from the States to Germany. Although I am from Germany, I will transfer from UMUC Stateside to UMUC Europe. They assure I will be able to complete the PSYC Masters there, but so far I have not found many classes in their schedule online.
    Question: have you been researching for an internship place so far and how did it go?
    Thank you in advance and greetings from Texas

    • Hi, Anna. You’re welcome. I’m not sure when they told you that, but that’s not correct. UMUC Europe has a bachelor’s program in psychology, but they’re no long offering the MA in Counseling Psychology (which is probably why you haven’t been able to find info). They’ve taken the main pages for the two counseling degrees they were offering down, but there is a page for the transition if you want to see what those programs included (http://www.europe.umuc.edu/graduate/masters/counseling-transition). They are letting anyone who was already in the program (which was run in partnership with Bowie State University) and already had a certain number of credits complete the program with a “teach out” plan, and we have to finish by Fall of 2015. Anyone who had fewer than the set number of credits (12 I think…) was told they would have to pick a different program. They are going to be offering a Master’s of Social Work through a partnership with Salisbury if that’s something you’d be interested in. There isn’t much info up about it yet (http://www.europe.umuc.edu/graduate/masters/social-work). As far as the internship, I’ve looked to see what is available around here and will most likely to try to get one at Landstuhl. I won’t be doing mine until next year though so I haven’t actually applied anywhere yet.

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