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Learning From Music Videos: German Songs With English Subtitles (Die Toten Hosen)

One way I like to learn German is by listening to German music with English subtitles. Die Toten Hosen were one of the first German bands I listened to and are still the ones I listen to most often, so I’ll show you some of their songs first. (Their name is literally translated The Dead Trousers, but apparently can figuratively be translated as The Dead Beats). You’ll see them again when I (eventually) start posting my translations of German songs. If you don’t know German, bear in mind that some of these translations may not be entirely accurate. If you don’t see the captions, hover over the video, and at the bottom right there are icons. The one to the far left will either be captions or annotations which you can turn on. [Update: For those who prefer a playlist, I put these songs in one on YouTube.]

Alles Was War (Everything That Was)

Nur zu Besuch (Only on a Visit)

Paradies (Paradise)

Kein Alkohol (ist auch keine Lösung) (No Alcohol is Also No Solution)

Ich Bin Die Sehnsucht in Dir (I am the Yearning in You)

Alles aus Liebe (All Out of Love)

I hope you’ve enjoyed having a look at some of the music videos I’ve watched to help me learn German. Sometime in the future I’ll share some other German music with English subtitles, Disney songs in German, German covers of English songs, and some of my own translations of German songs.

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4 Thoughts on “Learning From Music Videos: German Songs With English Subtitles (Die Toten Hosen)

  1. I think it is a great way to learn a new language. I learned a lot of English by watching shows with subtitles in English.

    • I need to make a list of the movies I’ve watched in German with English subtitles sometime. It is a good way to learn also. I picked up a lot of Spanish when I lived in Florida by putting on the Spanish language track with English subtitles on all the movies that had it.

  2. Wow, I didn’t even know foreign music videos existed in English subs. I wonder who translated those… Must have been a piece of work!

    • Yeah there aren’t a whole lot of them. I’m not even sure how accurate all of them are since I haven’t gone through to translate most of them myself but it’s not a bad starting point. I imagine it was a lot of work though. It took awhile to do the few songs I have translated myself (and probably not entirely accurately at that).

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