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Cologne Part 3: The Chocolate Museum (Schokoladenmuseum)

Chocolate Museum Cologne
Today I’m going to tell you about our trip to the Schokoladenmuseum (Chocolate Museum) which was right near the Art ‘otel Cologne where we were staying. In fact, here is our hotel from outside the museum.
Art 'otel Cologne seen from the Chocolate Museum
Inside the museum, there is a working chocolate factory. Here are a few pictures of that area.
Cologne Chocolate factory 1

Cologne Chocolate factory 2
Cologne Chocolate factory 3
There is also a chocolate fountain in that area but I didn’t take a picture as I didn’t even realize that’s what it was. There was a long line of people waiting for what appeared to be a wafer that would get dipped into the chocolate there. If you’re interested to see the fountain though, there is a picture here. I did take a picture of the view over the river from the factory.
Cologne Chocolate Factory River View
After the factory we walked through the rest of the museum. First we saw some paintings and some facts about chocolate such as that it used to be prescribed as a medicine for fever and to aid in digestion. A little ‘rainforest’ area in between some of the rooms reminded me of similar rooms I’ve seen at zoos, just on a smaller scale. Several old candy machines were on display. Here are a few.
Candy machines Cologne Chocolate Museum
There were a lot of chocolate-related memorabilia. One display had a bunch of toys like are found in the popular Kinder Eggs which are banned in the States due to being a choking hazard. We’re restricted in even being able to send them in care packages back to the States. So here’s what your missing out on having stuffed in your chocolate.
Kinder Egg toys in Cologne Chocolate Museum
I thought this Kit Kat bench was kind of cool.
Kit-Kat bench in Cologne Chocolate Museum
I was surprised by a lot of the displays which would not have gone over well in America, many of which featured Black people with exaggerated features and in subservient positions. While I am sure they were from older times when that kind of thing was more acceptable, it’s still kind of shocking to see. This is one example.
Shocking display in Cologne Chocolate Museum
After the museum, we went downstairs to the restaurant area. My husband ordered this concoction for the novelty of it: chocolate, tequila, and chili powder. I get a little queasy just thinking about it and I didn’t want to try it.
Chocolate, Tequila, and Chili Powder in Cologne Chocolate Museum
Instead, I had chocolate and Bavarian chocolate ice cream. It was so thick that I almost wanted to get water to chase it down, but it was awesome. Just looking at the picture and thinking about it, I am tempted to try to talk my husband into going back to Cologne to get another one. Now that we live in Kaiserslautern it’s only about a two hour trip. Hmm.
Bavarian chocolate and chocolate ice cream in Cologne Chocolate Museum
After we had our chocolate drinks, we went outside where you can walk up to the roof of the museum for a view over the river. Here are a few photos from there.
Cologne Chocolate museum rooftop view 1
Cologne Chocolate museum rooftop view 2
Cologne Chocolate museum rooftop view 3
After we left the chocolate museum, we had to cross back over a little bridge that gives access to the museum and continued our adventures. Next time I’ll tell you about the end of our first day in Cologne including a trip to the Hard Rock Cafe and some bar hopping.
Bridge in Cologne

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4 Thoughts on “Cologne Part 3: The Chocolate Museum (Schokoladenmuseum)

  1. I did not know that you are not allowed to have Kinderüberraschung in America! Can’t believe that! Wow! How stupid! Sometimes I really don’t understand a lot of things in America!
    But glad you had a great time in the Schokoladenmuseum. I have only seen it from the outside but I would love to go there. And I love the combination of chocolate and chili, or chocolate and pepper, or chocolate and salt. 🙂

    • Yeah it’s kind of silly. Sometimes America is very overprotective. It’s not like they aren’t clearly labeled that there is something inside there lol. You should sometime. It’s kind of interesting. I don’t really like spicy things, so I didn’t try it. My husband likes this chocolate bar that is chocolate and wasabi and if I remember correctly the chocolate and chili, but he didn’t really care for this drink lol.

  2. I was at the chocolate museum in 2008 and one of those “nuts” who waited in line with a wafer in my hands – proudly! It was yummy, too. 😉 We should have tried the restaurant area – those ice cream delicacies look simply delicious!!!

    • I bet it was. I just wasn’t inclined to wait in line to find out lol. You should if you go back. I don’t really feel the need to go back to through the museum but if I can get my husband back up to Cologne I definitely want to pop into the restaurant for dessert.

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