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Introducing Childfree Corner: What It Will Be & Why I’m Starting It

International Childfree Day Facebook Page

On this day in 1973, the National Organization for Non-Parents (NON) had a ‘Non-Parents Day’ on which they named a female and male Non-parent of the year. This year, childfree writers and bloggers Laura Carroll (on whose site I first read about this day), Marcia Drut-Davis (whose memoir I recently read and recommend), Eric and Patricia Nafziger, and Amy and Lance Blackstone decided to resurrect the day and name it “International Childfree Day”. Jennifer Thorpe-Moscon and Théophile de Giraud have been named Childfree Woman and Man of the Year. In celebration of this day I decided to introduce a new area of my blog: Childfree Corner. I have been thinking for awhile about posting on being childfree (choosing not to have children), but have held off for a couple of reasons.

One reason was that I wasn’t sure if childfree posts would seem off-topic with the blog, and I didn’t think I’d have enough content to drive a whole new blog. But I have been writing more lately about daily life and things that could happen whether or not I was overseas, and a significant part of why I have been able to have some of the adventures I’ve had and why I will be able to continue to have them in the future is because I don’t have to consider a child. So, I’ve decided those posts aren’t off topic to have a spot here.

Another part of waiting to post was that I worked with children. While childfree does not equal childhater (always, anyhow, there are some who do not like kids and that’s totally fine), people tend to assume it does. In fact, the first comment I got when I had posted on Facebook about accepting my last job was someone saying they were confused because of how anti-having-children I am and how I have pins all over Pinterest about it. (To be fair, at that time I only had a couple dozen pins out of hundreds, and it’s now a few hundred out of a few thousand, which is a lot but still a pretty small component. That board has actually become my most popular Pinterest board though). Still, the assumption that being childfree means I don’t like kids caused me to initially delay posting specifically childfree posts here. Now that I don’t work with children and it’s been over a year since I first identified myself as childfree, I decided to go ahead with posting.

Firecracker Mandy’s blog post on representing

Besides being relevant to my life and lifestyle, the other reason I wanted to start this section is for awareness and advocacy. I once came across Firecracker Mandy’s blog post on Childfreedom about representing, and that was part of what got me started thinking about writing on the topic. She ends her post, in part, “Stand proud and be honest about your decision for the bigger good. Be someone that others can look to and see that it’s great to be childfree by choice – that you are happy, fulfilled and even normal. Be visible and counted so others will not feel so odd and alone.”

I feel odd and alone sometimes, especially being a military wife where I’m in the minority not to have at least one kid by now and to have no plans for any. I’ve been put on the spot my fair share of the time for being different in that regard. Once I started posting childfree articles on Facebook and childfree pins on Pinterest, sure I got some criticism and snark from a few. But more importantly I’ve also gotten support and I’ve had people privately reach out and thank me for posting the kind of things the feel they can’t. If even one childfree person reads something I post here and feels less alone or weird, or a parent or person who wants kids reads it and gains some understanding and acceptance, it’ll have been worth posting.

Going forward, posts that are specifically related to childfree topics will be under the category Childfree Corner. I’ll talk about reasons I am childfree, bingoes I’ve encountered (more on what that means later), resources I’ve found for the childfree like books, websites, and blogs, and probably more I haven’t thought of yet. If you’re childfree or curious about the choice and have a topic you’d like me to write about, feel free to contact me. Also, feel free to get in touch if you are childfree and would be interested in doing a guest post. While I hope you’ll stick around for all my posts, if you are only here for specifically childfree topics, this category will ensure you can just focus on those posts. If you are not interested in this topic, then whenever you see Childfree Corner on a post, feel free to skip it.

Over the next couple of days I’ll share some of my reasons for choosing to be childfree. For those of you who don’t care to read about that, after that I’ll be back to talk about our trip to Worms.

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4 Thoughts on “Introducing Childfree Corner: What It Will Be & Why I’m Starting It

  1. I’ve never done research on this topic but your links are helpful! I actually think that a lot more couples remain childfree (be it by choice or not) and that this is certainly not emphasized enough (in the media, through friends etc). It’s rather just not talked about, which we all know is less than helpful. I will now weed through your childfree posts to get an idea of what you mean.

    • I just looked at your pinterest page. Some pins are hilarious but I can see how people define you as “anti-kids”. haha

    • I hadn’t either until I started looking up some things online around when I was making my decision. I’m glad the links are helpful 🙂 As a term, childfree generally applies to people who chose it (or had it happen by circumstance but decided to embrace it). Being childfree or childless does tend to remain untalked about though. I have seen a little bit more mention in the media lately, but unfortunately some of it seems to be in the direction of seeing the choice as odd or wanting to debate whether it’s selfish, neither of which are all that helpful to people who are trying to decide which way to go lol. Cool. I don’t have too many up yet. I have several more planned, but I’m trying to space them out somewhat.

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