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Worms Part 2: Inside St. Peter’s Cathedral

Last time I told you about the outside of the St. Peter’s Cathedral in Worms. While we wandered around a bit and came back to go inside, I’ll tell you about going inside today.

This is one of my favorite pictures from Worms of stained glass windows in the Niklauskapelle (St. Nicholas Chapel). I originally planned to crop the photo, until I looked in the top right corner. The colors are probably the result of the glare off another window, but it looks a bit like an angel, I think.

 photo 17113_10100915503475700_823849781_n.jpg
This is the Flügelaltar (winged altar), also in the St. Nicholas Chapel.
 photo 33840_10100915503839970_105857066_n.jpg
This is the Marienaltärchen (Altar of the Virgin Mary).
 photo 416781_10100915504079490_425983482_n.jpg
This is Joseph holding the baby Jesus.
 photo 530946_10100915505112420_309835919_n.jpg
This is the view of the western choir. The figure above the windows is hl Laurentius (St. Lawrence).
 photo 550270_10100915505346950_624820915_n.jpg
This is the view in the nave, looking in the opposite direction of the western choir, toward the chancel.
 photo 381831_10100915506030580_1711978212_n.jpg
This is a closer view of the chancel.
 photo 391593_10100915506754130_1164374619_n.jpg
This is the pulpit in the middle of the nave.
 photo 550098_10100915508630370_600683859_n.jpg
There were many stone sculptures depicting scenes in the life of Jesus. This is Wurzel Jesse (The Tree of Jesse).
 photo 317853_10100915508829970_994301865_n.jpg
This is a statue of hl. Petrus (St. Peter).
 photo 3746_10100915510541540_55829524_n.jpg
I’m not sure what the title is of this sculpture, but I thought it was interesting, in kind of a disturbing way.
 photo 178932_10100915510925770_1412181183_n.jpg
This is a model of the cathedral, prior to its partial destruction by the French.
 photo 182559_10100915511754110_491043870_n.jpg

Next time I’ll tell you about wandering around Worms both before and after going into the cathedral.

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