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Saturn & Café Romantic on Heidelberg’s Hauptstrasse

After Sembach, we went back to Heidelberg. I told my husband if he picked somewhere to eat I’d take him to dinner to cheer him up. Originally he wanted to go to Schützenhaus because he wanted schnitzel and wanted me to be able to take pictures since I hadn’t last time. But it was packed, so he decided we should walk Hauptstrasse which we hadn’t done in quite some time, and while there we could find somewhere to eat.

This is actually a Saturn in Italy, but it looks about the same.

We parked in the parking lot of Darmstädter Hof Centrum, which is pretty convenient to walk from as you come up in the center right on Hauptstrasse. We decided to go through Saturn first since we hadn’t been there and had only been to Media Markt. I wanted to see what they had for BluRays. It was three levels which surprised me but it didn’t seem like they had much more than Media Markt for what I needed and the prices were as much or more. I did see some television shows I hadn’t seen before, but nothing I needed. It is interesting to see which of our American shows make it over here though.

I was happy to see both seasons of The Walking Dead (Media Markt usually only has one) but unfortunately it was only in DVD. (Of course my husband later told me that the PS3 will play those region coded DVDs too. I had assumed it was only the BluRays that would work).  I also saw a few German television shows that looked interesting but of course my German is not good enough to follow along so I’m not justified in buying any yet. I do want to find out which shows are good over here though so if you have lived in Germany and have a favorite I should check out, let me know and when my German gets a bit better I will.

We ended up leaving without getting anything and walked the street. My husband likes Hauptstrasse because it makes him feel more like he’s back home in a bigger city. I like that there is a bit of everything and that many of the stores are still open past 9 so it doesn’t feel so much of a ghost town as some parts (although I did discover Kaufland and Rewe are open to 10 and past so that is nice also). We walked along and most restaurants were (not surprisingly) packed. We happened upon Café Romatic which was empty and also had English on the menu so my husband decided we should try it.

Café Romantic, Heidelberg

Café Romantic, apparently more popular on the night this photographer was than there when we were.

We were the only ones in the restaurant so I was kind of skeptical what the quality would be considering how packed everywhere else was. When the waitress walked up she asked “Mochten Sie essen?” I translated for my husband that she wants to know if we want to eat. He said we did and asked if she speaks English to which she said a little. I ordered a Bratwurst mit Brot (with bread) assuming it was going to come like the one in Bad Durkheim where the bread is used as sort of a bun, but it came on the side and the bratwurst was served over sauerkraut with some mustard on the side. It turned out to be really good so I’m glad it was that way.

My husband had originally said he was ordering the same so when he stumbled on what to say after bratwurst I said ‘mit brot’, but apparently he had changed his mind. He ordered a pickled bratwurst with some kind of salad so I felt a bit silly supplying the words. Ah well. My husband tried some of mine but I did not try any of his. Overall we both enjoyed it, and the price was not too bad. For each of our meals including a large Coke for me and a water for my husband it was just over 20 euro.

I did not check the hours but get the impression we had come in near closing time as the waitress pulled in the sign and left while we were eating. We passed her tip along to the bartender who rang us up so hopefully she got it. They also had iced chocolate similar to what I had at the Chocolate Museum in Cologne. I had originally planned to get some, but by the time I finished eating, I was stuffed. It was a bit chilly that night anyhow but I would not mind going back to try it another time. Interestingly enough I also saw advertising for Taste of Georgia which I didn’t try but was funny to me since that is where we were before we came to Germany, although I don’t recall ever seeing the brand while we were there.

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4 Thoughts on “Saturn & Café Romantic on Heidelberg’s Hauptstrasse

  1. I would recommend watching “Berlin, Berlin”. It is already a couple of years old but I really loved that show back then and I definitely want to get the DVD’s! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berlin,_Berlin

  2. I’ve always walked past Cafe Romantic but never tried it. Sounds like it is a decent spot, so I might have to check it out with a companion (since the name implies you have to go there on a date or with someone you love) at some point in time.

    Berlin, Berlin is a series that was released more than ten years ago and I am not sure if you can still purchase it. It is pretty funny, I hope you can find it.
    Mein Leben & ich (My life and me) is another comedy/ sitcom, but also more than ten years old.

    • Yeah I was skeptical because it was abandoned lol but it turned out to be pretty good. I imagine you could go on your own if you wanted to, despite the name. They did have a bar.

      I haven’t looked but I’ll have to see if I find it. That looks like it could be cute also. She kind of looks like Molly Ringwald…and the show sounds a little like My So Called Life: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0108872/ I wonder if they’re similar.

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